Helping A Community Grow

in news •  2 years ago

I would like to get some exposure to a new community that is all about helping minnows.

The community has started 3-4 days ago by @minnowresteemer and you can understand by the name of him what's it's all about


He wants to help the minnows by getting them the exposure they need.
How he does that you ask?
He started a discord community server where you simply post the link to your post at the postpromotion channel and he checks them all, then he writes 3 posts a day with links to 3 minnow posts.

How cool is that?
Didn't you want more exposure as a minnow?
Tired of getting only 2-10 people watching your posts?
Join the awesome new community of minnowresteemer in discord-

He is a hard working man showing love for them minnows, lets show him love back!

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I find it pretty awesome how there are so many people willing to help this community grow!


I agree man.