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Finally, the American company Johnson & Johnson admitted to the medical and pharmaceutical services - after long debates in the courts since 2000 and its complete disappearance and hiding behind the mantle "that is a global conspiracy against us and that all the medical reports are false and provocative and unilateral" - that the powder of those children, Asbestos "which respond to cancers of the" ovarian and uterine cancer "and investigations revealed that the doctors and pharmacists and executives of the company were fully aware and cut off more than 20 years old.

  • The company delivered tens of thousands of pages of company notes, internal reports and other confidential documents to the investigation authorities. As a result, the company lost 9% of the total market shares, which means about $ 40 billion.

  • Fura 11700 people and lawyers to raise the contract of the company for cancer because of Article D, especially that the disease Bayachd period on what is developing and demanding huge compensation, especially women who develop them "Ovarian cancer" ... and more than an independent research company " "She said she was not sure about the relationship between" asbestos "and" uterine or ovarian cancer "but Da Maimnsh of being cautious and of the lack of honesty of the manufacturer .... Word Zee be careful to hit the company sales P killing of course"

  • The company paid $ 550 million in compensation ($ 4.7 billion) as a punitive fine.

  • WHO says that even exposure to the safe limit of "asbestos" cancer is possible and prefer to stay away from him completely no matter how small the quantity!

  • After the dabsa behind the company and its history came up with 9000 cases in the second products "because the company produces powder and gel and shampoo and others," but one way or another estimated the subject and the company is experienced in bringing down judicial decisions and reduce disciplinary penalties.

  • They used to use the products because they are often shipped to the Middle East and caught up in the supermarkets.

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