California Continues to Lead with Legislation to Protect Digital Rights

in news •  7 months ago


California’s net neutrality bill is back and as tough as ever

California pushes forward again, with Net Neutrality legislation in the works that is stronger than than the federal rules that were abolished. Our state has a long history of protecting citizens digital rights and data. From the first data breach notification law in 2003, to the consumer privacy act of 2018, and now the proposed Net Neutrality legislation is in the works. It is great to see a high-technology state also be on the cutting edge of digital security, privacy, and equality laws.

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Wow, there is nothing to be compared to fundamentals Human Rights safeguard, besides freedom of movement, speech and others related to it. Digital right can't be over emphasize like seriously. It will be cool if the legislature could come out with some strategies toward actually that bill a success.


Hopefully, with a few other states on board these rules will be adopted by the rest. If the federal government drops the ball, our system allows for states to step in to protect their citizens.


That will be a dream comes through, a nation that cares for its citizen deserve some kudos. God bless America.