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Donald Trump - The Antichrist:

The Antichrist - a figure from the Bible, the counter-power to Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, the moon will turn into blood before the arrival of the antichrist. The connection to Trump: On his birthday, 14 June 1946, there was a total lunar eclipse, also known as "Blutmond". Also the number of the antichrist (666) appear in Trumps life. One of his buildings he bought at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York. Even he lives on the 66th floor of the Trump Tower. For many, this is very mysterious.

Trump under false flag:

"It's all just playing!" Writes US journalist Justin Raimondo on his blog. Donald Trump plays to help his friend Hillary Clinton to the presidency. The reasons: his good relationship with the Clinton, his support for past democratic campaigns, and his controversial statements with which he tried to split the Republicans. Racism, hatred and populism - Trump could only be a caricature of conservatism - invented by the Democrats.

The Illuminati and Trump:

The Illuminati, a secret society, which was banned in 1785, persists in the opinion of some conspirators. Trump is said to have been used by the order to be the next president to obey their orders. If he does not follow them, he could be killed by the Illuminati. This had already been the case with President John F. Kennedy. "Evidence videos" are to show that Trump belongs to the Illuminati. This can be seen, for example, in his hands, which he forms into a pyramid - one of the most important symbols of the Order.

Clinton and Trump are reptiloids:

As absurd as it sounds, the theory of reptiles has many supporters. Inventor David Icke describes reptiloids as intelligent beings derived from reptilian aliens. Their goal: control of world politics. Trump and Clinton are the latest suspects. Videos should prove Trump wearing a mask. Clinton, however, had sheds on his forehead. The fact that the videos are heavily elaborated does not seem to disturb the fans of the theory in the least.


I just upvoted you! But, Why Does One Person Get To Decide for us all? Know the truth.

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