XModal-ID: Wi-Fi and videos to identify people behind the walls

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A team of US researchers have developed a method to identify a person behind an obstacle, using any video of that person and a Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi data transfer is a highly used wireless communication technology and that is why several countries are looking for additional applications.

The method in question, developed by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, was called XModal-ID.

To operate it uses the Wi-Fi signal of a transmitter and a receiver, separated from each other by a small distance and
Video recordings of human movements previously obtained.

According to the method, a three-dimensional human model is created using video recording, then it is compared with the graph of the wi-fi signal disturbances and if the patterns match, they have caught you.

Highly recommended the video of the original article

Source: news.ucsb.edu, read original article

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