Time for FB, Twitter And any other Social Media Giant to Face The Music

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(credit to the gateway pundit)

The Time Has Come
It is now time to remove the safety chute from Facebook, Twitter, and anyone else who doesn't allow free speech to remain free. The social media giants are now in the crosshairs of every patriot out here and we need to push for new social media sites while dismantling these fake "free" platforms which restrict free speech like facebook twitter instragram and the like.

If you restrict free speech, you don't deserve the right to operate a social media platform.

Remove their protected status and allow the citizenry to sue these bastards until they no longer exist.

Then new social media platforms can rise and fill in those spots for free people.
These bastards shut down GAB!!! It's time to shut them down.!!!

They shouldn't be protected by government laws
if they use their platform in such a bias and manipulative way.

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