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Luke and Jason look into facial recognition technology and how it's being used to help catch petty criminals. Perhaps we should use facial recognition technology to catch child traffickers and war criminals, just a thought. This interesting article is discussed in today's video.


This particular video includes the image of Woody Harrelson. Why you ask? Watch to find out!

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I wonder if this technology could tell the difference between
Hitlery Clintonian - a war criminal and child trafficker and
the person who plays Hitlery Clintonian?

I bet, if we took the best of these programs and put them to the test, that they couldn't tell the difference.

And, if they can't tell the difference, then we should not be relying on them.

BTW a man has been arrested, more than twice, by facial recognition... and each time it was someone else.

AND!!! how the fuck is it catching petty criminals?
We do not have a photographic database of petty criminals.
What, are we going after shop lifters who are caught on CCTV?
Comparing that with pictures on drivers licenses?

Maybe its all those people who have unpaid parking tickets?

Hi @lukewearechange, we have original footage of what happened in Oldham today, we would like to give it to you to decide what to do with it, but hopefully it shows a great set of live video for you to use.