South Africa White Genocide

in news •  9 months ago

This is the genocide taking place in South Africa as we speak. The United States sits idly by while these innocents are slaughtered. Share this video because the mainstream media refuses to cover it.


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Curated for #informationwar (by @wakeupnd)
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Our Purpose

The leaders of the first world world appear as though they would celebrate it in their home countries as well, given the narrative they push for all the immigrants/non whites to hate white men for every problem that has ever fallen upon the world.

Even more telling is as white men become minorities in the countries they built, the enemies have taken to changing their words from minority to historically disadvantaged. Not sure what is scarier, that they are doing this so openly or that most white men seem oblivious to it.

It is indeed very sad that such events are not reported in mainstream media, and are hushed up in social media. But never, ever give up!

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Resteemed. I'm an ex-Capetonian now living in Ireland. Try as well to get this out. They are also going the crypto reward route.