Facebook — Too Big To Stay Off Meddling

in news •  last year 

Zuckerberg’s apology tour that included US and UK was a true testimony of globalist arrogance. A show aimed to convince sheeple how the State is ready to decisively and swiftly intervene on their behalf. Another fairy tale before euth… asleep.

And a sheeple really must be in deep shi… sleep not to see true intentions of this megacorporation. Fresh partnership with the Atlantic Council reveals that they have just been warming-up meddling in elections wherever they can. Atlantic Council is a notorious globalist organization, sponsored bu the large corporations, financial oligarchy and a political puppets, advised by the types like Henry Kissinger. They are going to be arbiters of “fake news” during elections around the World. How quaint…

Lori Harfenist, “The Resident” breaks it down for you:

Duration: 2:40

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