Nikolas Cruz Was Well Known to FBI - Parkland School Shooting

in news •  2 years ago 

Indications are that the school shooter patsy in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting was definitely on the FBI's radar months before the Valentine's Day event. Lots of questions surrounding this shooting so stay tuned to this channel.

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dtube is day by day is being good for news sharing
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Thanks for the coverage of this Nathan. I hope you'll be able to upload your other videos to steemit/dtube so they reach more people.

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Thank you Nathan for compiling research on this topic. I appreciate your work. Resteemed

looking forward to more discussion about this event, thanks Nathan!

@lifttheveil411 I tend to agree with you that he is a patsy. I just did a post on this, I think you may find it interesting. For whatever reason the alternative media doesn't seem to be picking up on the very important, yet classic, coinciding drill.