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in news •  9 months ago

In today's show, I cover everything you need to know about The Memo, released to the public today after Donald Trump gave the OK to declassify the Republican-authored document alleging FISA abuse by the FBI and Department of Justice. @TLAVagabond joins to give his opinion and there is a great phone call from a 30-year MSM veteran (her YouTube channel) who says domestic news is all a distraction from our foreign military entanglements.

If you only watch one news story about The Memo, make it this show.

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Adsactly Bravo, Bravo!! Your post are really Mewtacular!. It inspires me to be a better me. I am learning so
much not only from the information on your post, but also about presentation and design. Thank you!

good work that is thanks for sharing the news

I listened to this show after on DTube and I had the same thoughts basically as ya'll. Good show, peace.

I appreciated your thoughts Nathan on the memo. I thought you had great callers today. Thanks to Ryan for coming on too. What. It. Is.
I think your mellow mood was kind of a fitting response to the fact that the memo really didn’t have anything to get that excited about. Good show to discuss it. Resteemed