Refuse to Click on Anti-Trump Hysteria until Journalists Start Writing With Integrity

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Full Biased Article in question titled David Lynch pens open letter to Donald Trump: “You are causing suffering and division”

Look, I get it. I have low expectations of our president being a competent, rational, professional human being...

BUT I didn’t get past the first eight words of this article.

“In typical Trump fashion, America’s first illiterate president...”

These articles are a dime a dozen. They take no mental fortitude, and take no journalistic bravery to write.

Journalists have far too long insulted our intelligence with this hyper-partisan, divisive drivel.

Call them out when you see them, demand journalism, because it's lacking today.

Stop clicking on it

The link above is an archived link so they get no analytics and no clicks for their advertisers.

This whole ‘everything about trump is bad and horrible’ hysteria drowns out real issues. It’s quite clear it’s not going away and is part the media’s strategy until 2020.

It’s similar to the ‘George Bush Stole the Election’ cadence that was incessant from 1999 until September 11, 2001 when pushing the media’s support of never-ending war rose above all else.

For example...

Think this father in the image below could care less about the Trump Soap Opera that CNN and MSNBC uses to feed 90% of their coverage? You're probably right. He probably doesn't. He's a man trying to live some semblance of life. It's probably a challenge.

What would the United States (and the world) look like had we invested that money in, you know, humanity?

But instead, we are 20+ TRILLION in debt. With what to show for it?

​This nation was founded by a class of people who saw a long train of rights abuses. They sought refuge from a government that had a blatant disregard of their rights, their privacy and their tax dollars.

Start supporting real journalism

Start supporting real journalism everywhere you can find it. It’s a shame that actually ‘finding it’ takes effort.

​When your friends share it, call our any blatant partisan 'team sport', Republican-Democrat partisanship. Demand more.

What media do you follow?

I like Geopolitical Futures and Stratfor for worldwide geopolitical events without left-right political bias.

Domestic soap opera?

I’m stuck with just have to mash together what I’m offered and realize that there is media bias implicit in each outlet.



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Good point. Also, people must stop clicking on the BS "US is in a civil war" clickbait. Even some decent Independent media sites are propagating that lie, in a weak-minded attempt to draw in more viewers. It's not true. This is exactly what the originators of propaganda and division want. But as they say, "a lie repeated enough times..."

yup, those fuckers in the 24 hour news would love a civil war, that's their wet dream.

With the Internet and social media I think there's just too much news and the MSM has to "compete" so hard for everybody's limited attention that they stray into fake news territory for the sake of getting those clicks first. I wonder if Trump hysteria has taken them to new fake news heights or if it just seems worse because it's so prevalent and in your face 24/7 now. My mom said it was just about as bad during Reagan's presidency, that the news was constantly doom and gloom saying he was incompetent, going senile, etc. Back then it didn't assault you from all sides though.

I've just quit reading all the fake news sites altogether. They're not getting my attention to add to their stats!

This is a really great point. But there is also another side to this. It's more of a big picture long term thing.

Think about how much money advertisers would be mindlessly wasting. The websites keep posting these garbage for ad revenue. It's the advertisers that are perpetuating this madness. So how about attacking the advertisers by clicking some ads and making them pay while actually boycotting their products. With enough numbers we can have an impact.

the longest war in our history is the one still active with N Korea, it never ended, just a ceasefire, then not one America president was willing to meet with their leader to discuss peace, until now.

The prohibition of drugs is the problem, not civil asset forfeiture. Finally we have a president willing to sign an end to federal cannabis prohibition. Of course you don't need to be accused of a crime, that's the "civil" part.

As far as no threat from space look into hypersonic missiles and space junk, they exist.

As far as the media being bullshit I think more and more people are catching on to them and they seem to only get more shrill and their lies more blatant and pathetic. I like your link that didn't help them, that's clever.

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