Oregon Might Overturn the 'Mandatory Gas Pump Attendant' Law; Oregonians Fear for Their Lives!

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Starting January 1st Oregonians can begin pumping their own gas in rural counties.
Do you think Oregon should allow self-serve gas stations statewide?

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Okay, the comments on this post are cracking me up and they also teach a good lesson.

If you didn’t know, Oregon is one of two states where the government mandates that people can’t pump their own gas and that gas stations must employ people to do it.

They’re apparently having a vote to see about ending this practice.

If you’re aware of how the world works you’ll laugh at the comments. Oregonians are freaking out that so many jobs will be lost, that pumping gas is DANGEROUS!, that it makes you smell, that it’s very complicated! What about the senior citizens or disabled or people with children?!?!?!


And if you know how the world works you’ll laugh because this is a microcosm of EVERY single time someone mentions that life can happen without government.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about gas or taxes or a wall or the internet or health care or education....if government doesn’t do it then the children and elderly and infirm will die!!!

It also reminds me of this video:


I moved to Oregon after having previously always living where I could pump my own gas, and man is it annoying. In my opinion, it's actually more dangerous because the attendants start it at full blast on automatic and simply walk to the next customer. My particular car will kick the pump off unless its its being pumped slowly and manually, so my wait time is significantly longer than it would be if I had simply done it myself. The locals here literally don't know how to pump gas and think that it is quicker and more efficient with someone else doing it. It will be interesting to see if the law changes. I personally can't wait for humans to be freed from jobs that simply aren't needed or helpful.

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Hah... yes. Driving through Oregon has always been a somewhat surreal experience. But if I were an Oregonian, I'd be concerned too... THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!

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