Let's Start a Dialog to Understand One Another

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Dear Non-Libertarian,

I feel we may have gotten off on the wrong foot and that there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about us libertarians. I invite you to open a dialogue with me so I can understand you better and maybe you’ll be open to understanding me.

  1. Please join the open conversation at Think Better Plus Plus - Knowledge for a Better Discourse

  2. Learn about how a Libertarian like myself sees Libertarianism at libertarian101.com. It’s fine if we disagree but let’s do so from an honest understanding of each other.


Alex Merced
Your Friendly Neighborhood Libertarian


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Good on ya buddy, opening up the debate. Too many people identify libertarianism with the idiots put forward by libertarians parties worldwide.
Most aren't libertarians, they are 'socialists lite'.
The libertarian parties have been corrupted just like all other political parties and don't serve the interests of their followers who are often deluded.
Keep up the great work.

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I don't think people hate libertarians or anything. I find it hard to do so, as nothing of what they say comes off as oppressive in any way, at least for now as they don't wield any real power.

But I do think that alot of them, especially anarchists, have a way too rosy view of the world in asking for complete abolishment of any form of government or regulations. That I think just leads to corporatism or warlords taking over; whoever would have the biggest stick would rule.

I think I align myself with libertarians quite a bit, as in I go by "live and let live" but some laws need to be in place to punish those that don't do so to ensure most do.

I'm not for full abolishment of government. More of a 'night watchman' or constitutional small government.

Well, that I can get on board with. But I think you have to agree that there are some people in this movement that are more radical in these views. Most people, I think, would agree to have less of the government in their life, except the commies of course, which most likely have no idea what they're trying to get into.

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