FISA 702: The Next Government Abuse

in #news3 years ago (edited)

I'm glad that the Republican memo has been released. It makes many conclusory assertions, some of which are serious.

Throughout this process, members of the House Liberty Caucus and House Freedom Caucus have called for the public release of evidence supporting the memo's allegations. They also have called for the release of the Democratic memo (which Justin Amash read).

Given the current rhetoric from Speaker Ryan and others, it represents a breach of the public trust that, just a few weeks ago, he and many of the memo's biggest pushers were demanding the reauthorization of #FISA702, opposed by a bipartisan coalition of liberty defenders.

Unlike #FISA702, which authorizes systematic violations of the #4thAmendment, the section of FISA discussed in the memo requires probable cause and a warrant.

The central allegation is that a warrant was obtained fraudulently or without sufficient cause. If true, it shows the dangers of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, something House Liberty Caucus and House Freedom Caucus members have been saying for a long time.

But #FISA702 is far more dangerous. It permits the FBI and other agencies to conduct unconstitutional, warrantless searches on millions of innocent Americans (whose communications were incidentally collected while targeting foreigners overseas).

If the speaker and others believe abuses are occurring in the execution of one section of FISA, then why would they insist on reauthorizing another section of FISA (702) that has far greater potential for abuse?

Congress now has an obligation to re-examine #FISA702 and pass reform legislation like the USA RIGHTS Act to protect the rights of the people we represent.

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