Putin is Trumps biggest fan - so much Putin made him President

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Or should I say Greatest Fan of the Greatest President of all times?

Putin certainly likes Trump, as he is a lot easier to deal with then Russia-hating Hillary, and also the proverbial concrete boots on the US. So it is no surprise that Putin not only rooted for Trump but actively promoted his campaign.

This is especially visible if you look at what was found out about what the "troll factory" did by the senate intelligence commitee.

The trolls not only created ads (and lots of fake news accounts) that were (thanks to facebook&Co) targeted on a certain audience to increase that audience's country-splitting world view, but the troll factory often organized "protest" against e.g. Hillary Clinton. And since they were making a protest anyway, they sometimes created an anti-protest too, since conflict is what they want.

Putin, as a true patriot, knows that nothing is worse for a country (or any other community) then infighting, so he bought the oil, poured it on the elections and gave out lighters to everyone he could reach.

And of course millions of people fell for it, who only have to read something bad about Hillary in the headline to believe everything what "they" want them to believe.

But of course the Russian trolls are not as dumb as to write long articles. A picture says more then thousand words, right? So they mainly fought with memes, you may have seen a few of those.

Or this one, where "heart of Texas" is one of the troll's account.

I certainly saw this:

The goals and principles of propaganda have not changed, just the methods. And thanks to the social networks propaganda has become dirt cheap.

One of them, for a page called Donald Trump America, was an online petition demanding the “disqualification and removal” of Clinton from the presidential race on the grounds of opposing “the dynastic succession of the Clinton family in American politics.” The ad targeting indicators were: people inside the U.S. whose interests including Donald Trump, Donald Trump for President and – perhaps less obviously – Donald Trump Jr. It cost 14,606.52 rubles, slightly less than $251.


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What is really worrying is that Mr. Putin meddles in Western democracies, indeed Putin knows how to play with public opinion, but we must not forget that in Russia the guaranteed freedoms in Western countries are not respected.


Yes, Putin is an autocrat and he knows how to do it.
I morally cannot find Putin good, but he fucking knows what he is doing. Compared to him Trump is not a baby, Trump is not even born.
Especially when it comes to PR. I mean just compare...



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