Fun with a gun

in news •  9 months ago

Where there are lots of guns, a lot of bad things with guns can happen. But this is not about the numerous school shootings and their analysis.

This is about two things that happened in one day and that are quite funny – if you aren’t the one on the receiving end. Of course that is almost universally true in regard of guns.

The first is best and completely explained by the original tweet


Holy shit, right?
Question: If your insurance has an exception for gun fire damage, does that also count for thrown gun damage? That question may be asked in your exam!

Thou shall not put your gun into your meals!

The second gun case would, under “better” circumstances, be a candidate for the Darwin Award. Let me ask another question: What happens if you put a loaded gun into an oven?

(like most of my pictures, this beautiful one is CC0 from pixabay)

No, this is not a trick question.

A gun-toting gentleman in Ohio wanted to keep his revolver out of harm's reach when his kids came to visit him, so he hid it in his oven's broiler. But 44-year-old Robin Garlock neglected to tell his girlfriend, who decided to do some baking later that evening. Suddenly, she heard gunfire and shouted for Garlock, thinking it was coming from outside. But no, the loud bangs were coming from inside the oven – the revolver was spinning around, firing off shots. - BoingBoing

The father tried to get the gun out (even more stupid) and got hit two times and a burn on the hand. He will survive and possibly be more careful with his killing instruments in the future.


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