[REDACTED TONIGHT] Bombing To Cover Up Reality, MSNBC Lies & More

in #news2 years ago

This is my latest episode of Redacted Tonight. In it I talk about all the crucial news that the missile strikes in Syria were used to cover up. The Redacted team also reveals how the so-called "left-wing" media is nothing but corporate war-hawks. Hope you like the episode.

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I agree. A group of people obviously benefitting from the carnage who don't want it to end

Brilliant intro into industry of death, which has takeover USA and threatens to the whole World. My personal favorite truth rant:

Just because we had such a bad president… When he chooses to bomb countries we aren't at war with… that Congress has not voted to bomb… that the American people don't want to bomb… After we've funded and armed every type of jihadist and rebel group in that country, thereby leading to the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of people including children… After our president chooses bomb them… some people are going to say it's just because of the pornstar. That will tarnish our country's legacy of bombing innocent people for the right reasons! Like because we want oil and power and a strong petro-dollar and to help the stocks of the weapons industry. We do not bomb to distract from pornstar hush money! Donald Trump has sullied… sullied the name of our organized human murder industry! Thank God… Thank God we have Rachel (Maddow) to defend the honor of organized human murder.

Bravo, @leecamp!


You are welcome, @leecamp! Can you explain why do I always read Maddow as an incarnation of a Mad Dow Chemicals? ;)))

It is hilarious how YouTube still has their little notice under all RT sponsored videos that RT receives funding from the Russian government, such as this one. Just like in this episode how Lee points out the conflict when GE owned MSNBC and the mass censorship they were doing. Do you really think YouTube would have a notice under MSNBC uploaded videos if they still owned MSNBC? Of course not; so hypocritical. They should be pointing out the ownership chains for the channels of all organizations, especially the ones that are the most precarious.

Resteemed Lee! Thank you and staff for your work and the laughs.