Muslim ‘traditions’ upheld in UK court

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At first view it’s nothing but a human interest story - parents discover their daughter has a secret boyfriend and are not happy about it. Happens all the time, you might say. However, the parents in this particular story are Muslim and they tend to be quite strict about this sort of things. So they frogmarched their 18 years old daughter to the doctor’s office demanding a virginity test and threatened to kill the boyfriend, reminding him they were Muslims and therefore ‘dangerous people’. Yet, today, a court in London cleared the Iranian parents of all charges. Not even a slap on the wrist.


The very next day after her parents found a boy in the house, Sophia Safaraei, an adult in the eyes of the law, was forcibly taken to the doctor’s office, where she refused to be ‘checked’. The doctor did testify the girl was there against her will and naturally no test was carried out. The mother vented her anger on the doctor, claiming that according to ‘their culture’, the girl had no autonomy. The girl ran away from home after the parents confiscated her passport, bank card, phone, driving licence and threatened her with being sent back to Iran to be married to a cousin. The father also used a large kitchen knife to threaten her, but, that's just details I guess.
What is particularly disturbing in this story is the fact that this couple used exactly what Muslim organizations and their liberal allies claim to be a ‘distorted image’ in the press.
Here is the young man’s description of the confrontation with Sophie’s mother:

'She went on to say that she is a Muslim and her husband is a Muslim and 'you have seen what our people do on the news and stuff, we're dangerous people, be careful'.' Mr Marshall-Telfer said he was told Sophia's father was 'going to kill me' and that there 'would be a shadow around me'. Source

Threatening their daughter with a knife, humiliating her, threatening to kill a young man - and yet the Iranian couple walked out of court without even a fine.

Another disturbing thing is that these are not new immigrants who struggle to understand European culture, but people who had moved to the UK 20 years ago. What integration are we talking about? On the other hand, why would they bother to integrate if the legal system says their behavior is OK? Had they been a Christian family, the parents would have been branded as extremists, no doubt.

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"Crush anyone who harm's women, the disabled or children" like these assholes.

Just my opinion...

This is what concerns me so with the influx of immigrants into any country other than their own. They certainly have the right to their own culture and their own ways, but should be willing to live within the letter of the laws of the land they choose to immigrate to.

By no means should the law of the land be changed or bent to accommodate cultural differences. They are, after all, free to immigrate to another country more in line with their cultural and religious practices. One set of laws and justice for all citizens, not one set for some, another set for others.

The laws are not changed, but some people are exempted...

cultural clashes at its worst.

Sadly, I have read in the UK your writing this in the light you have is now considered hate speech.