The Starbucks Douchebags of Political Correctness

in news •  7 months ago


Starbucks Corp. is temporarily closing more than half of its domestic stores next month in order to cater to millennial whining. The employees will apparently undergo racial-bias training, a petty response to the arrest of two black men at one of its cafes in Philadelphia.

We have raised a generation of whiny little pricks that are trigger happy in regards to almost everything. As a result, many companies resort to such oblivious actions in order to show to dimwitted hipsters that they "care". The high-class whiners that desire a hot cup of ridiculously expensive coffee need to be appeased if they are to continue unloading their earnings at local coffee shops. Their wish, the corporate command.

And all that for what? Because two people decided to occupy Starbucks tables, steal wifi and refuse to move while the manager was asking them repeatedly to do so. The man decided to call the police and the degenerate occupants started crying "racism" as if it is something unusual for a manager to deal with such behavior in this way.

175,000 employees across Murica will suffer because two pieces of shit decided to go sit somewhere without ordering while another group of privileged scum decided to protest in order for them to fell better with themselves. This snowballed into a social media outcry and here we are - me having to write a post about something so fucking ridiculous. FML.

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What can we do to get them to close the other half of their stores?


Lol the coffee's overrated anyways


Yes!!! Way too funny. I'm dead!

Those who cry racism at the slightest whim are nothing but blackmailers whose only identity is their Skin color. It's no different from the 'white privilege' they like to fuss about

Correcion politics?

This kind of thing is getting out of hand..
PC culture has gone too far.

This is common in Starbucks. I used to meet colleagues and students (if someone wanted to pick my brain) at Starbucks until I realised that most people occupy the tables, buy nothing, and sit there all day on their laptops. I asked staff about it and they told me that this is common practice and normal for Starbucks. They allow these degenerates to sit and not order and, more importantly, not let paying customers sit.

Hm. I need to find an appropriate minority group for myself as well. Could come in handy some day as a universal defense for whatever I do. Can't seem to think of one, though.


Theater History Study Majors...
Now there is a dying breed.
What about their rights!!!!

Fuck Starbucks and Pret.

I agree with you. Everything negative isn't because of racism. That situation may have been simply a business decision by a manager that would rather have those seats taken by paying customers. The manager may have very well been a bigot. But imo, the manager wasn't wrong for insisting that non paying people should leave. Starbucks can get pretty crowded.