Why 2016 is the best election year in modern US history

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Never in my life has there been an election so full of potential to make the world better. This year, for the first time in my life, I’m excited about the election, and filled with optimism. At this point, you’re probably starting to think that I’m crazy, with words like “wall”, “scandal”, and “rigged” coming to mind. Let me lay out the key reasons I feel this way.

Communications Technology

Our communications abilities are greater now than they have ever been, meaning more people than ever are learning about the scandals, cover-ups, and lies (which are always present in elections). The great thing is that this facet of global affairs just keeps getting better every day. Just think (or remember) how difficult it was to get people informed and activated before cell phones and the internet, or even with the earlier versions of these things.

Bernie Sanders

I’ve heard quite a few people call Bernie Sanders the Ron Paul of the left, which I disagree with as far as their political or economic beliefs, though I can see the similar roles they have played in the political scene.
In my travels, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone attribute their “waking up”, their knowledge of the underlying issues we’re facing, to Ron Paul’s campaigns and the way he was locked out. Bernie Sanders likely has more followers than Ron Paul did, especially with the under 35 crowd, the people most readily accepting of new ideas. Although Sanders wasn’t trying to spread the messages of freedom & peace like Dr. Paul was, his followers have still just seen the reality of the system laid out for them, are feeling disenfranchised with the system, and are more ready to hear about alternatives than ever before.


This “trade agreement” is a shining example of the expansion of fascism in global politics over the last century. This document is a clear declaration of war against the human race and the Earth we live on. It’s having the amazing effect of uniting the environmentalist, labor rights, freedom of information, food justice, et al. movements towards a common goal. This is the perfect common ground to bring people’s attention to the inherent structural issues we are dealing with.
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Hillary Clinton

Finally, we have the combination left-right ticket of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. This pair was clearly chosen to lock Clinton in by getting the votes of right-wingers that don’t support Trump. What a perfect example of the oligarchy that is US government, as well as a great way to introduce people to things like the CFR. Best of all, this gives us a wonderful chance to (jokingly) ask for open & honest tyranny, a 1-party system, and the person who will take the most rights away. Talking about things like: “the best of both worlds, anti-abortion AND pro gun-control”, “supported by the universities & media AND the oil companies”, and “how divisive and frustrating the 2-party system was, how much simpler it will be just voting for the Tyranny Party”.
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How to capitalize on these opportunities

However you approach spreading the message of freedom & peace, here are a couple of the keys I’ve learned to avoid people’s cognitive dissonance and defensive responses.

  • Stick to the principles:It’s easy for conversation to get bogged down in the euphemisms, the drama, and the distractions of the political realm. An easy way to avoid this, and make sure you’re getting your point across, is to always bring it back to the principles and consistent application of them. The principles I most resonate with, and that nobody ever seems to disagree with (though they often don’t apply consistently) are:
    • You own yourself
    • It is wrong to use force, or the threat of force, except in self-defense
    • All agreements between reasoning humans should be voluntary
    • No group can have rights greater than the rights of the people who make it up
  • Ask Questions: Whenever you try to tell somebody anything that doesn’t fit their belief systems, you are going to hit a wall. If you ask them questions that get them to agree with you, all of a sudden you’ve jumped right past those defenses. Here are those same principles laid out as questions:
    • Do you believe that you own yourself, that you own your body, that you own your labor?
    • Would you agree that it’s wrong to use force, except in self-defense
    • Do you believe that a person should be subject to contracts they didn’t agree to?
    • If a group of people get together, does it give them extra rights? For example, if it’s wrong to use force, but 3 people get together and decide to use force against someone, does it become right?
  • Offer non-violent solutions & alternatives: For anything that the state handles, through it’s violent means, there is always a more peaceful, efficient, and high quality solution available. There is always an alternative that you can act on in your own life, a way you can take responsibility for the things you want to change, and BE THE CHANGE. Here are just alternatives for things that people often depend on the state for:


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it a frightening thought that either one of these people could be your next President...shame Bernie threw the towel in and went back on everything he stood for by siding with HC - should have fought to the end in my opinion

indeed, The main take away from Bernie is that people have to participate, if corporate politicians are the only ones running for offices and participating it wouldn't matter if Bernie won the whole shabang, for him to truly be able to make a difference a high % of corporate politicians seats would need to be replaced by actual people that get into politics because they care about the future. not just how much money they can make from holding an office.

He played exactly the role he was hired to play unfortunately. The great thing is all the bernie-ites who are ready to be pulled out of the matrix now :-)

I definitely support you, Kenny. I dig what you're doing with your life, and I think the world would be a much better place if there were more like you in it. So it is with the utmost respect that I object with a few points that you are making here. (This actually turned into a longer rant than I originally intended... some of it is pent up. I'm trying to remain neutral and make reasoned arguments, so I hope you take it in the spirit it was intended.)

I don't see any basis for your evaluation of Bernie Sanders as an authoritarian. And your characterization that "Sanders wasn’t trying to spread the messages of freedom & peace like Dr. Paul was" is likewise unsubstantiated. Without working it out through dialogue, I think this might be a result of emphasizing the tyranny of our political masters while disregarding the tyranny of our economic masters. I think in reality they act in tandem to dominate us and control our lives. I consider them a single entity, because they are so deeply intertwined.

(I actually object to the liberal-conservative dichotomy entirely, because both words have been perverted beyond recognition. They're no longer useful terms... but that's of less consequence than your characterization of Bernie Sanders as an authoritarian)

You imply that Hillary Clinton is a left wing politician, but I'd have to disagree in the strongest possible terms. She is a member of the ruling class. She is of the political and economic elite. She embodies aristocracy and oligarchy.

Your article then goes on to touch on some theoretical principles... some of which I support entirely, such as the rejection of force and war. However, there is one which is I take exception to: the concept of "self-ownership."

No, I do not "own myself." It is not possible for myself or any other person or entity to "own" me, because I am not a piece of property. I am not a what, I am a who. I will resist any attempt to replace my humanity with a marketable equivalent.

Likewise, I reject any attempt to classify my activity as "labor." I do what I find useful and beneficial; to myself, the people in my life, society as a whole, and the earth and nature which sustains us. "Labor" is an abstraction; a feature of the capitalist mode of production.

As I reject any suggestion that I am a thing which can be owned, I reject the idea that my autonomy is a marketable commodity. I recognize any attempt by another to dictate my activity as an impingement on my freedom.

To put it another way, any effort of another to appropriate my personal autonomy is inherently coercive. I am inseparable from my autonomy. Denial of personal autonomy requires force or the threat of force.

Persuasion is the method of influencing another's behavior in a way that respects and reinforces their autonomy. While I reject any claim of another to "own" my autonomy, they are always welcome to persuade me to adopt a certain course of action.

If somehow a person has allowed me to sell them the opportunity to attempt to persuade me of something, well.... I also have a fine selection of bridges.

Thank you for this piece, you present a lot to think about.

It's been exciting and unnerving at times for me as an outsider (Can) I am deeply concerned for the citizens that will be left in the wake. I truly hope we see steps towards #evolution and not #revolution as a revolution is just what it describes "a cycle that ends where it began"

I agree that revolutions are never the answer. My concern is for all of these humans who have allowed themselves to become citizens ("Subjects" according to legal dictionaries), even in their own mind, and have been programmed to forget that they are sovereign beings. One of the main points I was making with this article is that every time the oligarchs go a step further, more and more people wake up to what is actually going on, and that's a beautiful thing :-)

Thanks, I'll check it out :-)

such good writing but you fell asleep right at the end lol. It's not about war, its about defense and defense contractors can be a good thing. they have a bad rap because of blackwater but here's a crew that has peaked my interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=r2IbjhV00as

The best defense against a nation-state invading you is to not have a state yourself. If you are warlord (president, prime minister, etc) and you have the choice between invading a place where the humans currently do not pay taxes, do not have a ruler over them, have strong communities, and are self-sufficient, or a place where they are perfectly content giving up most of their income in taxes, having people tell them what to do, and having violence used against them when they break the rules... which seems like an easier place to rule?

Amen to that. The Irish would agree also.

shhh shhh shhh 1984
You are stupid or brave
To open that door

Pleasing to see past the lie
You are stupid or brave
You let loose the cry

However brave dumb you may be
No bone of contention comes from me

Welcome sounds of the day
Siren call leads astray

See instead past the lie
Even the lie can die

Good advice! This indeed has been a interesting election to say the least!

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