Partiko iOS Updates their Video Player Experience in Version 1.6.1

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Exciting news for Partiko fans!

The iOS version has undergone another alteration which greatly enhances the user experience.

Yesterday, @partiko was updated to version 1.6.1, this time enabling @dtube videos to play in-app.

In previous versions, DTube videos were not clickable and you had to scroll down to the DTube link in order to open it in Safari.

Now, not only are videos clickable, but they also play right inside the app so you no longer have to view it in Safari.

In addition, the upvote slider now remembers what percentage you used last so that you don’t have to adjust it every time you go to place a vote.

This update makes the Partiko user experience even more enjoyable than it already has been in the past.

I personally use this app daily to help satisfy my healthy Steem addiction.

If you haven’t witnessed the incredible power of Partiko yet or haven’t updated the app this week, head over to the App Store right now and take care of business.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled scrolling 😉

Steem on 🙌🏻


P.S. Missed out on round 1 of Partiko’s delegation plan? No worries! You can begin delegating once they roll out round 2. See the full delegation plan here


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One of the best steem apps out there :)

I noticed that yesterday too! But I didn’t update it! Maybe it auto updated and I didn’t realise. Pretty cool though!

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YEAH this is great news! That was probably the thing I wanted most - to be able to watch DTube videos in app! Hooray!

Yay!! Awesome news 😃 this gets more easier.

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Thank you for your comment!

The upvote is AWESOME, the app is incredible.

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Partiko is truly the best there is presently in the steem ecosystem, it surfs fast and very light, I love it.
Am yet to download the update but I saw the notification this morning.

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I have never used it on iOS but as you know I can't get enough of it on android

Posted using Partiko Android

Ehehhe a pleasure. You know everytime I have the time to be here I come and try to spread that love eheheh

Posted using Partiko Android

Nice !!!! Gone to update right now ! Thanks dude

Posted using Partiko iOS

We all know that partiko is a great application but I did not use it. But now I will use it because we can see dtube videos from there. Thank you for sharing this news

Awesome! Let us know how it goes!

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Thank you for your comment!

Thank you for your support my dear and i download this application and this application is very good.

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For people who watch a lot of @dtube videos it makes sense to use @partiko instead of @steemit.

Thanks for another good post @kenmelendez!

Awesome! Glad we can help with your dtube experience!

Posted using Partiko Android

Always appreciate and continue supporting @partiko whenever I can !

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