WW3 MILITARY DRAFT? - Globalists Plot STAGED WAR - Martial Law & Rations To Come!

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See the FULL video report HERE:

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the very real potential that the US could be forced into a world war 3 scenario with Russia and China as Biden wages a proxy war with Russia and threatens China.
Meanwhile, in places like Switzerland, mandatory military service may also include women. So much for feminism. Meanwhile, the woke culture is getting a taste of their own medicine in all the worst ways as most major western militaries look at drafting women in a major conflict.
At the same time, martial law is essentially declared via the new HR 4350 provision to the National Defense Authorization Act as the government attempts to divide people down the middle and create civil war conflict.
There is risk of World War 3. There's risk of a collapse of the energy grid and supply chain (likely by false flag). There's an imminent risk of carbon credits, social credit and more tied to people's cashless bank account under the new world currency, likely out of BRICS.
It's time to prepare NOW!

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