Will Be Going LIVE In 40 Minutes On WeAreChange!

in news •  4 months ago

Hey everyone! Luke Rudkowski of @LukeWeAreChange is up to no good as per usual and can't host his regular show with Jason Bermas, so I will be filling in for him today. The show starts at 6pm CST, 7pm Eastern.

Make sure to tune in and give us some love! We're talking about censorship and much more!

You can find the live show here:

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Not sure if you are still live now but have you heard bout the:

Jesus Coin (JC) ?



It is real. See the post Decentralizing Jesus from @richq11 and their website https://jesuscoin.network/.


Not sure if it is intended to actually be genuine or if it is one big hoax/parody.


That's gotta be a parody.
It would be hilarious if they did a marketing campaign of JC overturning all the money lenders' tables in the temple - then handing everyone the crypto


You never know. It could grow as a fad, like the pet rock.

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Ladies if your boyfriend can’t drive a stick shift , or fire a gun , thats called a girlfriend . The alternative media is full of SHIT❗️The mentality that we don’t need to force these fuckers out into the open and SLAUGHTER them is cowardly and total BULLSHIT . Specially fantacy land scenarios like we’re all going to hold hands and sign KUMBAYA , and all things will be resolved ⁉️Your both as retarded as the Q crowd . Freedom isn’t free . You have to fight for it every single day . And if you don’t fight during the revolution , then be a nurse , but lead fallow or get the fuck out of the way meat puppets . They committed an act of high treason on 9/11 , and you don’t think we should act with some resolve and patriotic duty ⁉️ And BOOM 💥 I just heard fantasy land JOSH say “they killed JFK , and we can’t let that happen again”. REALLY JOSH⁉️ And how are you going to stop them ❓With milk and cookies ⁉️. Your fucking scared of them . PUSSY . I’m not scared . They can come and get me . So far I’ve seen them just kill children . What are they going to do ❓NOTHING❗️They can pretend they’re not scared , but they are . And HUNTING parties are getting ready FUCKERS .