Why Are Assets Being Seized & Frozen Globally? - Governments & Banks Are At It Again!

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In this video, I sit down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about the alarming development out of the EU as the European Union explores freezing assets to prevent a run on the banks as the banking system becomes more and more unstable.

This is paired with bail-in regimes popping up throughout the world. Banks are not holding what they claim to be holding and central planning is rampant, devaluing currency and forcing people into poverty, debt and subservience. This coincides with the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008" in the United States (H.R.1424) as well as the conspiring of the globalist "Financial Stability Board" at G20.

On top of this recent development, the Department of Justice in the United States headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pushing for vast overreach by the Federal government when it comes to civil asset forfeiture. As Trump mentioned early in his presidency despite not knowing anything about it, he committed to giving government and police the right to seize assets. Under this new implementation, the federal government can supersede states who don't allow civil asset forfeiture and seize assets from people even without any criminal conviction or charge.


Assets are one of the few ways people can hide their hard earned money from the extortion of the state and this proves to be an attack on those with financial responsibility. The government loves a populace in debt and poverty. People are simply easier to control when they're in debt. They can push people down a bottomless pit of debt and force them to ask for a ladder up from the government and banking system putting them in complete servitude.

As this ramps up, the opposition (you the individual) must speak louder! We are watching the complete erosion of any remaining freedoms and we're sitting apathetic to it all.

See the FULL video report here:

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This is a huge issue. These powers of seizure basically destroy the right to own property. Property rights under globalists: "You can own property right up until we want it."


Exactly, and it's without a doubt a domino effect!

Civil asset forfeiture is a big deal. That was a huge blow to what was left of our freedom here in the US, and it seems like most people just have no idea. Sad.

Great post.


I keep VERY little money in the bank (I actually use a credit union), just what I need to pay bills online. It goes in and comes right back out. The rest, I keep in cash. That's good for now, but what happens when the government makes businesses stop accepting cash? Do we use gold and/or silver? Start bartering? It's all very troubling for those of us who wish to be free, and stay that way. Where can we go in the world where these things are not issues? What is the most free nation right now? These are important questions.

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I like Trump but he is very wrong on this. People always defend things like this saying 'well it's only criminals'. Well what if it's you wrongly accused? It will surely matter to you then. Freezing assets to prevent bank runs... yiii. That applies to EVERY citizen.

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!

Excellent video! thank you guys


As always good content and the sound quality is improving lately. I know the run and gun style interviews aren't easy in the first place (Las Vegas) - nonetheless, they are useful and appreciated!

You might check into this project: https://www.mikme.com/#capture-creativity
I was an early adopter and the mic finally showed up after a LONG wait... have yet to open it.

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Domino effect