SHOCKING: 2 BILLION VAX INJURED! - 20 MILLION DEAD! - New Studies Confirm Our Worst Fears!

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See the FULL video report HERE:

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent numbers coming from the governments of multiple countries appearing to show hundreds of thousands getting sick or dying every week from the vaccine as well as figures based on statistics claiming to show 20 million dead from the vax as well as 2 billion injured.
These recent numbers may be shocking, but it's the typical result one can expect from injecting themselves with poison.
Meanwhile, excess death among children is skyrocketing. Recent German studies show 94% of vaccinated people have pre-blood clot formations. A Taiwan study shows that 29% of teens who are vaccinated have some level of heart condition.
As this genocide continues, eventually we will need to seek justice and eventually we will have to rebuild on the back of hundreds of millions of deaths.

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