AMERICANS TOLD TO FLEE RUSSIA! - Government Issues RED ALERT As Nuclear False Flag Is PLANNED!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Americans being told to flee Russia to avoid conscription/draft.
As Russia brings in a military draft of fighting aged men to combat a potential global conflict (that is clearly planned in order to bring the world into the Great Reset and prop up China as the new objective world super power), fighting aged American men are being told to flee Russia by the US State Department or possibly face conscription into the war if they're dual citizens.
This recent news has had noticeable impact as it appears to be an escalation towards what many have been fearing. A world war.

However, despite the threats and the appearance of one side versus another, both sides are on the same page. This is an obvious plot to bring the world into the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution" or "Great Reset."
As BRICS creates a new world reserve currency that is cashless, combining the economic forces of China, Russia, India, Brazil and possibly Saudi Arabia, war is staged on one side of the world while demoralization and psychological warfare continues on the other side.
The end goal of course is technocracy. Social credit. Carbon credits tied to a digital bank. This benefits the state and the psychopaths that should not be the most.
The energy crisis and supply chain crisis alongside the inflationary crisis worldwide is the perfect storm.

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