Central Banks have no plans of changing coursesteemCreated with Sketch.

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The rate cuts and money printing are showing no signs of slowing down

Today we are expected to get another rate cut form the FED.

And looking out, the market is expecting this trend to continue for some time.

Looky here:

(Source: https://twitter.com/Travis_Kling/status/1133464792952442880)

The market says we are getting rate cuts for sure at many of the next FED Policy meetings.

They are showing no signs of reversing from their currently monetary policy.

Long bitcoin short the bankers!

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One would think such inflationary monetary policy would show up as inflation, instead it seems locked within the bankster circle-jerks ;-) The Fed stopped publishing M3 figures, tho even M2 looks horrible. So all this money is just propping up the banks while they fleece the gov. Good scam!

The banksters love it!

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