People Are Already Getting Arrested for Trying to “Storm Area 51”

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The viral campaign to “storm Area 51” was scheduled for September 20th, and after months of controversy, the organizers decided instead to set up a festival called “Alien Stock” in the middle of the desert, where all of the Area 51 enthusiasts could gather in a safe and legal way.

Unfortunately, locals in the small town of Rachel, Nevada were not very happy about the idea of thousands of curiosity seekers descending on their neighborhood.

After the festival was announced, a warning was posted on the town’s website in response to the news, stating that local residents would defend their property by force if they had to, saying that “the situation could get ugly.”

The website voiced concerns that such an event would attract crooks who sought to “capitalize on the chaos.”

Since the event was canceled, the town’s website was updated with a celebratory post saying that the party was being moved to Las Vegas, and that it was canceled due to poor organization.

The website called the event Fyre Fest 2.0, a reference to the now-notorious festival hosted by rapper Jah Rule and con artist Billy McFarland, which ended in a disaster when the organizers weren’t prepared for the event that they advertised.

There have been many other spin-off events as well, and while it is not clear if they will be moving to Las Vegas along with Alien Stock, they were not initially planned to take place in Rachel, but in locations farther from the actual Area 51 site.

While the official plan to storm the secret military base located in the desert was just a joke, it seems that not everyone got the memo.

Two men have already been arrested for trespassing on the Nevada National Security Site, which is a government nuclear facility located 10 miles away from Area 51.

The two men, 21-year-old Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep and 20-year-old Ties Granzie, are Dutch YouTubers who had flown all the way to the United States to attend the event.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office found the pair’s vehicle parked three blocks inside the nuclear site. In the car, police found a camera, a laptop, and a drone. It was also noted that the YouTubers had already captured footage from inside the facility.

Police said that, while Granzier and Sweep do not understand English perfectly, they should have been able to recognize the threatening “No Trespassing” signs all over the property.

If convicted, they could face a maximum sentence of six months in prison, a $500 fine, or both, according to the US Department of Justice.

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Come to 'murica on vacation, leave on probation.
Ain't freedom grand?

If you commit crime, you should be punished.

Find me a victim and I'll say they committed a crime.

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Who determines what is crime?

I believe in nationalism, first of all. So, I believe in a republic with four branches of balanced powers, as a foundation towards determining laws, crimes, etc. I mostly want to promote private property rights.

Ok, I don't.
Do we fight now?

Anarchy is about self-government for each person to take care of themselves. I believe in that in theory. So, I encourage people to go that way. I promote minimizing government so that anarchy rises as much as possible. The problem is that of power vacuums as seen in the Middle East. So, I prefer to have as much anarchy as possible within the walls of America but only for people who believe in American values. Most people in the world prefer safety over freedom. That means most people are against anarchy. That's why I prefer keeping most people out of the United States because they would fight you, @freebornangel, and they are against you and against anarchy. Real Americans do favor limited government and a focus on anarchy. American values agrees with anarchy, which means we are on the same page. The problem is that bad people took over the government of America. So, the swamp and globalists are messing things up within governments all around the world. If America was not a country and just ruled by anarchy, then governments might have the ability to conquer some of us. Not to say they don't already try to already, etc. But I prefer walls.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.
As long as we accept rule by bully as inevitable, this is what we get.

But, I've already said that, it's like a mantra, or something,...

I am a bully and you are bully. All humans are bullies.

area 51 - where they filmed the fake moon landings.

and/ or where they test secret military stuff.

either way, no aliens, and no access for regular people.

this reminds me of when adam kokesh wanted every one to storm dc with weapons. right idea, wrong era.

But tax dollars pays for it, right?

tax dollars pay for everything, government produces nothing and is entirely superfluous to our lives. they're a criminal mafia, enabled by their control of money-printing, and the world's media, so every one believes complete lies and those who don't can't do anything about it.

don't vote, plant. peace.

You should vote. You should get involved. You are missing out on history.

You should vote. You should
Get involved. You are missing
Out on history.

                 - joeyarnoldvn

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

luckily i read a bit of your blog before you replied, this is humour right?



Why didn't they wait for the group?


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