Not a Conspiracy Theory: Rich Lining Up to Pay for the Blood of Children to Be Injected into Them

in news •  6 months ago

 A new startup is hoping to cash in on a disturbing trend that has  been growing in popularity among the ultra-rich. It is a treatment in  which blood from young people is injected into the veins of older  people—seriously. While it has been reported  that this practice has been popular underground in Silicon Valley for  years now, this is the first company to officially offer the service to  the public. 

Stanford Medical graduate Jesse Karmazin is the founder of  Ambrosia Medical, which plans to open its first clinic in New York City  in the next few months. Ambrosia was involved in the first clinical trials in the US that tested the effects of this treatment. The study has not yet been made public, but Karmazin told Business Insider the results were “really positive.” Since blood transfusions are already approved by the FDA, Ambrosia  has had very few regulatory hurdles in opening their business. As  Business Insider reports: 

The trial, which involved giving patients 1.5 liters of  plasma from a donor between the ages of 16 and 25 over two days, was  conducted with physician David Wright, who owns a private intravenous-therapy center in Monterey,  California. Before and after the infusions, participants’ blood was  tested for a handful of biomarkers, or measurable biological substances  and processes that are thought to provide a snapshot of health and  disease.

In the week since the company launched their website, they have  already received over 100 calls from people requesting appointments. “So many people were reaching out to us that we wanted to make a  simple way for them to be added to the list,” David Cavalier, Ambrosia’s  chief operating officer said. During the trials, patients paid $8,000 to be involved and receive  the treatment, but the company has clarified that the price the public  sees may be much different, even higher, than what the trial  participants paid. “The trial was an investigational study. We saw some interesting  things and we do plan to publish that data. And we want to begin to open  clinics where the treatment will be made available,” Cavalier said. 

I know it sounds too outrageous to be true, but these outlandish  practices have been commonplace among aristocrats in various different  cultures throughout history. Before going further, it is important to  point out that two consenting adults involved in a voluntary agreement  such as this is entirely acceptable. However, some of these “donors” are  only 16 years old. The age to donate blood legally in New York is 17.  

Donating under 17 requires written consent from the parent. What’s more, there are implications that tie this to a very dark side  of human history. In most modern cultures, mass murder and human  sacrifice still takes place out in the open under the cover of warfare,  while many argue that cannibalism also still takes place but behind  closed doors. It is only in the past few hundred years that the practice of  cannibalism among royals has not been publicized. In Europe, around the  time of the American Revolution “corpse medicine” was very popular among  the ruling class, Charles II even brewed his own. Dr Richard Sugg of Durham University has conducted extensive research into the practice of corpse medicine among the royalty. 

“The human body has been widely used as a therapeutic agent with the most popular treatments involving flesh, bone or blood. Cannibalism was found not only in the New World, as often believed, but also in Europe,” Sugg said. “One thing we are rarely taught at school yet is evidenced in  literary and historic texts of the time is this: James I refused corpse  medicine; Charles II made his own corpse medicine; and Charles I was  made into corpse medicine. Along with  Charles II, eminent users or prescribers included Francis I, Elizabeth  I’s surgeon John Banister, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, Robert  Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary,” he added. 

Last year, journalist Jeff Bercovici said that Silicon Valley aristocrats like Peter Thiel were receiving similar transfusions. “There are widespread rumors in Silicon Valley, where  life-extension science is a popular obsession, that various wealthy  individuals from the tech world have already begun practicing  parabiosis, spending tens of thousands of dollars for the procedures and  young-person-blood, and repeating the exercise several times a year,” Bercovici reported. 

In his article, Bercovici also expressed concerns about a developing black market for young people’s blood. 

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A very disturbing trend to be sure.
The fact that more than 800,000 children go missing in the US every year makes you wonder...

I don't consider it random that I had literally just read a post titled where are all the missing children.

The show "Silicon Valley" featured an episode in which one of the CEO's was just casually getting a blood transfusion from his young personal trainer. Vampire shows are spread all over magazines and made sexy for us by these sick people. Their time is almost up. The public is finally starting to wake up. Mass arrests are coming soon.

Next-level vampirism. Beyond that, I'm speechless.

The "new" drug of choice.
Coffee isn't giving as much of a kick anymore.
The starbucks habit is getting out of control.

Yeah, this works, but it is such a bad habit.
Take the lives of children to extend the energy of elderly.
We literally have the old eating their young. (well someone else's young)

There are far better methods such as C60. Eating healthy. Daily exercise.

But, we can't be bothered, no, lets suck the life out of children. They are too rambunctious anyway. More Ritalin!

Maybe this will lead to actual studies that the body is not just a chemical process. That chemical drugs are not the whole story.

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It can sound creppy, but it is an important step towards "immortality". Wanting or not we don´t live enought time to care about the world, and that´s why global warming and wars keep happening.

I´m not saying this idea should be a thing in the future, especially not based on blood from other people (kids). But it might help us find answers to develop in the future.


Death is a natural check to inequality. Immortality will create the biggest wars ever seen.

I think you talk about "Adrenochrome", is that possible?