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RE: FAKE NEWS | How The Atlantic Council Promoted Anti Russian Propaganda

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The saddest and most maddening thing about this anti-Russia narrative is that every year here in the UK (and the US as well I presume?) we are flooded with programs about WW2. Mostly they are about the daring operations that "turned the tide" of war, or the heroism of the troops. There is no doubt they were brave men and deserve the praise and gratitude of the nation. But there is also a bias, there are a lot of programs about the US soldiers and even the German soldiers and yet there are so few about the Russian war effort.

If you actually studied the war, even casually you would discover that it was Russia that was pivotal in the victory in Europe, at the cost of 26 million dead. We have just had the 75th aniversary of the battle of Stalingrad where over a million died and the cream of the German forces were defeated. And what do we hear from the media? Pretty much nothing. You would have expected a week of "special" documentaries, no?

Perhaps we will see a greater representation this year around June. I for one would be very pleasantly surprised, but will keep my expectations low. ANd maybe one day there will even be acknowledgement of the 20 million Chinese lost under Japanese occupation...