RED HEIFER DISCOVERED!!! Do You Missed That? ABN Uncut

in news •  11 months ago

This video is an ABN Uncut special from Feb. of this year when the last red heifer was discovered. 

For years the search has been on for a suitable sacrificial Red Heifer without spot or blemish to be used for the purification waters associated with sanctifying the Third Temple. Now, out of all the places on earth for it to show up, it was found in Baja California, Mexico. Do you honestly think that this was a coincidence?

There is obviously a reason behind why it would show up in Baja out of all the places on earth. The Torah Code has a lot to say on this matter, and with odds against random occurrence that are 11 TRILLION to 1, we must accept the fact that this is a divine hand at work!

Don't miss out on this exciting episode of ABN Uncut!

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I didn't miss it <3 I watched it live!

Unfortunately, they did find some form of blemish on it and it was not able to be used.

So many steps are being taken, or divinely allowed, to ready Israel for the Third Temple, Beis HaMikdash. If only they would repent and stand with the one whom HaShem has sent to bring it to them!

This is excellent, words getting around...

This was an exciting time in life.