Finding the Top 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services in the Industry

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Press release distribution has grown in recent years owing to a large number of companies looking for ways to gain the upper hand in the rampant competition that is part of the modern business reality. Effective distribution of press releases guarantees that the company gets to promote their products and services in front of a large audience in a very short amount of time, thereby boosting their profitability and success. Press release distribution is very important to businesses that are small or just starting-up as it gives them leverage to present their products and services in front of a world that is dominated by their gigantic counterparts. Therefore, it is important to find the best press release distribution service providers, so as to ensure the best possible results out of the investment that you might be making. The number of service providers that provide press release distribution is staggeringly high and finding the most suitable candidate might become a tough job. Therefore, this article aims to provide you with information regarding the best 3 service providers of press release distribution in the market at the moment.

The Best Press Release Distribution Service: Linking News


If you are talking about the best press release distribution service in the industry, the title undoubtedly goes to Linking News. Over the years Linking News has been able to serve many satisfied customers with their press release distribution services, owing to the proficiency and dedication with which they help their clients reach their press release distribution goals and guarantee success for their individual companies. Linking News has created robust departments in its press release distribution apparatus, which enables the company to render their services in an effective manner. The apparatus of Linking News is defined by the strong and functional network that Linking News has with names like ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, FOX and Reuters being part of it. The network of Linking News is also very expansive, with more than 10,000 media outlets, 1,000+ social media networks, and over 30,000 journalists being part of this huge network. The network of Linking News is spread all across the world with as many as 2,000 Chinese media outlets being part of the network as well. Linking News is known to provide you with press release distribution services that have the capability of providing your company with global exposure. Apart from the credibility that you get from having your press releases being placed on some of the most reputed platforms in the media industry, Linking News also provides you with the opportunity of pandering to a huge audience and create potential customers for your services and products. Another innovative feature that is part of the services that Linking News provides is their White Label Press Release distribution services. These services have been specifically designed to guarantee privacy for your PR and marketing strategies. As part of these plans, Linking News promises that press releases that they handle distribution for will not be published on their official website. They further ensure that the name of the distributor of the press releases remains anonymous and no mention of the Linking News brand name is made anywhere on the body of the press releases. They also provide private label services to marketing and PR firms, which ensure that these agencies can distribute the press releases of their clients with their own private labels. Linking News goes beyond just the services of press release distribution, by enabling young entrepreneurs to master the art of press release writing and formatting by providing them with freely downloadable press release examples and formats on their official website. Help with SEO; keyword phrasing and backlinks are some of the other benefits that Linking News provides to their clients. Linking News understands that there are a lot of press releases getting distributed on a daily basis and just a stellar press release distribution service is not enough to guarantee the success of the press releases. The content and styling of the press releases play a similarly important role in shaping the performance of the press releases. Therefore, they have made available all of their services that are focused on enhancing your capabilities as a press release writer and guarantee the success of your company with a strong and efficient marketing strategy.

The Second Best Press Release Distribution Service: Market Wired


Market Wired is another big name in the industry of press release distribution services. Market Wired has the capability of distributing press releases for various companies while offering its effective and efficient SEO services that are perfect for targeting multiple groups of people and increase the maximum profitability of your company. Media management services and enhancing the involvement of multimedia in the press releases that you distribute are some of the other benefits that Market Wired provides to your company while tackling its press release distribution services. Complete analytics that is capable of providing you with the most comprehensive feedback reports about the performance of your press releases is a major benefit provided by Market Wired. Market Wired also takes complete advantage of the various sources on social media in order to better distribute your press releases and create maximum profitability for them. Market Wired has an impressive grasp over the services that are required for the emerging markets in news and media industry and provides you with streamlined guidelines that are best suited to provide maximum success in these new fields. Market Wired prefers that customers contact them and provide them with the details of their press release distribution needs and the price list that they have set for acquiring the services of the company. Market Wired also incorporates audio, video, image, etc. into the press releases that they distribute in order to make it more engaging to the audience that views it. One of the most innovative facilities provided by Market Wired is the availability of a media management system, which allows you to gain access to the contact database of your custom media partners and better manage the media partners that you would like to partner with or want your press releases to be placed on. Market Wired also has a media hub system that allows you to gain access into a dashboard that looks over every aspect that is concerned with a press release. There are many packages that you can select from so as to choose the best package that suits your press release distribution needs. Your revenue and profitability are sure to find improvement and growth after you have hired the services of Market Wired, which enables you to reach a large number of potential customers over a small amount of time. Market Wired has been designed to be easily usable by any kind of user, be it a professional one or a casual one. The easy to navigate features and the many options available makes this company one of the best press release distribution service providers in the industry.

The Third best Press Release Distribution Service: PR.Com


PR.Com has been created as a refuge for people who would like to promote almost anything, under the umbrella of a single site. It is a unique distribution service that spans across many different industries and sectors in a comprehensive manner. PR.Com allows you to upload the information about various job requirements that your company might be looking for, vacancies, different information about yourself that you would like to promote and of course press release and media related information that you would like to be distributed in an efficient and sound manner. The best fact about PR.Com is that the services that they offer are all completely free of cost. Surviving on an innovative marketplace model, PR.Com allows different companies to promote various services and news on their platform in an efficient and professional manner. They also have multiple databases, which you can select from and place your contents in order to get increased exposure for your press releases and other information. If you opt to not sign up for any database, the press release services that PR.Com has to offer are completely free of charge. It is more than just a press release distribution service. PR.Com is a place where you can search for various job requirements and other related queries, all under the umbrella of one mother site. What's even more interesting is the fact that all of the information that is available on PR.Com is completely free of cost. If you are planning to increase your reach and exposure, and help your product or service is viewed and acknowledged by a large number of people within a limited amount of time then PR.Com is the ideal choice for you. Different platforms are being managed all around the globe so as to provide PR.Com with the best efficiency and productivity while offering their services to interested clients. Leads generation and exposing your products and services in front of a global audience are some of the benefits that you can read through the use of PR.Com. All you need to do is upload your information on PR.Com or register it within a specific directory, related to the industry that you function in and various potential customers from all over the world will search through the system and come to be acquainted with the innovative services and products that you have to offer. The reach and range of PR.Com is impressive and what's best is the fact that it is more than just a press release distribution service.

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