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Smart media token delayed but now you can start your own token

No coDing required
No hard work To start
No investment need to start

Steem team is busy in working on programming smart media token ,

Mean while you can use other engine to start your own token is the website which is also called mini SMT for Smart media token or called a way to produce your own token currently there are 100 plus token now for steem buy and sell ,

DliKe , Actifit token , Steemhunt

These are top 3 token which value is 2 cent to start and now i have all of them and enjoying a lot.
Soon there will be no competitor of steem in market ?
NO NO Wait EOs is trying to beat Steemit so called new platform MEOS but i hope they will fail to deliver as they are not
able to reward like this as we earn on steem Yappie.

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