Somalian nationalist - Latest MP elected in Sweden

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The latest MP in Sweden is a Somalian nationalist. Yes, you read that right. Leila Ali Elmi is the name of the new Swedish MP that in fact is a Somalian nationalist. Most of her campaigning was made in Somalian completely. Her speeches were in Somalian and she approached mainly Somalians by visiting local Somalian clubs and mosques. She also appeared on Somalian tv, talking about her campaign and possibly entrance to the Swedish parliament.

Her promises during her campaign were to impose reforms and policies for Somalian and Muslim interests. If she puts Somalian interests or Muslim interests first is unclear and I guess time will tell if she prioritizes Somalian or Muslim interests first. She received the most votes in her party in the city of Gothenburg and could, therefore, be elected to the parliament. She was ranked as number 21 by her party before the election but rose up to number one in the second biggest city of Sweden.


Now she’s in parliament for the Green Party. The green party has their agenda and I’m not sure that is rhymes completely with the interests of Somalians. Things the Green Party is pushing:

Fight fossil fuels and have them removed by 2030.

LGBTQ-rights to marry whoever you want and change gender to whatever you want.

Quota-system with 40% women in every board in a company.

Gender studies introduced in first grade.

Without making assumptions on what Somalians prioritize in the election of an MP, I’m still pretty sure that these things are not their first priorities. I don’t think they are priorities at all for Somalians. Somalian interests are the opposite of what the green party’s interests. But this woman had a dream of becoming an MP and her plan to do so certainly succeeded.

By campaigning in Sweden’s no-go zones she managed to engage the people that usually don’t vote in elections. These Somalians are not frequent voters but in this election they were, they felt obligated to support a woman from Somalia that promised to put Somalian interests first in the parliament. If Somalian and Muslim interests could be prioritized in a green party that stands for LGBTQ rights, gender equality and stop climate change is yet to be seen but to see a Somalian nationalist in the Swedish parliament is definitely something new.