📌 [Today's News] 2018-02-04 (Sunday)

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Today's News

Thieves in Spain stealed 4 tones of oranges with their cars!

2.PNGIn Spain,there is a group of "high intelligence thieves" stealed 4 tones of oranges using 4 cars. They were discovered when they are in the halfway back.The policemen were shocked when they checked their cars. For more information,you can check the exact news HERE

My Opinion: Hmm... May be they should not go and rope the supermarket for oranges but money! Lol...

Japan is about to replace News Reporter with AI

In Japan,a creepy robot is going to replace the News Reporter!Erica,the robot can completely think,act and voice out independently. It is regarded as the most human-like robot!For more information,you can check this complete newsHERE

My Opinion: Holly Shit! Why humans always want to invent dangerous technologies? May be one day in future,human will be wiped out by the technologies invented by themselves!

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