Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminated all tumors in mice, human trials being conducted

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By Erin Elizabeth

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According to Stanford University researchers, a new approach to fighting cancerous tumors has been found. Using mice trials, the researchers found that not only did the process eliminate the targeted tumor but ALL CANCER found in the animals. The study was published in the journal Science Translation Medicine.


“The researchers used a one-time application of two agents injected directly into a tumor. The agents work by stimulating the immune cells only inside the tumor itself, but doctors found some of the T-cells stimulated kept on working after their initial job was done.1

Dr. Ronald Levy, the senior author of the study, said the agent CpG oligonucleotide works with nearby immune cells to amplify a receptor on the surface of T cells while the other agent “is an antibody that binds with the T-cell receptors to ‘lead the charge against the cancer cells.'”2


And it is these “tumor-specific” activated T-cells that then go on a search and destroy mission for other identical tumors in the body. Of the 90 mice in the trial, 87 of them had T-cells that worked on the specific tumor targeted but also “saw the un-targeted tumor cured.”3

In all, the team saw results against lymphoma tumors, breast cancer tumors, colon and melanoma tumors.

I hate cancer. However, we have become so flippant about vaccines, every body is different and one size does not fit all. There seems to me to be a lot of hubrious in vaccines. But, we will monitor this story and share any updates with you as one of the agents has already been approved for use in humans and the other is currently involved in a clinical trial to test the effect in lymphoma patients.

Erin Elizabeth

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