Chelsea Manning Is Going Back To Jail - What Obama Did Instead Of Pardoning Her That Led To This Threat- Truth Decentralized

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This story is very important and should not be overlooked by any of us out here on the block-chain that demand truth in politics.

The following video is a quick evaluation of this latest incident of vindictive government prosecution of people they wish to get information from. I believe the 5th amendment should protect Manning and I would like to hear what you think about this serious and systemic problem.

I'm left wondering who is next on the list to be targeting for merely associating with someone the government is after, regardless of the reasoning behind the investigation.

Here is a link to an ABC story about this

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Thanks for checking this post out, please help share this post and get the word out. There are so many distractions going on in the world that a secret tribunal can go unnoticed and that would definitely be to the detriment of all of our freedom.


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Isn't this 'inquiry' lead by the same type peeps who are behind the Mueller thing? They are still mad that the DNC thing hurt HRC and cost her the election. So she is in custody for refusing to 'testify'? That shouldnt be a jail able offense as our freedom of speech also work in the reverse and we have NO OBLIGATION to say shit! THE 5TH!

Chelsea Manning should have done some time and tried to get out on parole. Commuting a person's sentence is like making them live in fear. If it were me, I would have liked to be free of the justice system as soon as possible.

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