The Metropolitan Police Force In London have Declared They Have Nothing More to Sell to Meet their Lack of Government Funding !

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With the onset of the Industrial revolution and the City of London,s population booming it was clear that there was need of some force of order in the street for the safety of people in the street from the bad sorts being drawn to the ability to steal and molest people to then disappear into the bustling crowds ! So on the 6th of June 1829 was passed the Metropolitan Police Act , which put the policing of the streets of London into the hands of Sir Robert Peel and his merry band of "Peelers" as they came to be known !

They have ever since been given the unenviable task of keeping order for the next 200 years in a city which has with its increasing size and population seen an increase in crime ! But things today in the beginning of the 21 Century seem to have met a new low as apparently their budget for some reason have been progressivelly cut to the point where to continue in their task of policing the streets they have been forced to sell properties such as the iconic "New Scotland Yard building which I show in the title photo for this post ! The property reportedly having been bought by of course as ever a Saudi Arabian Real estate company for a as yet indisclosed fee !

But what happens when there is little left to sell ?? What then ??

Well it seems that this day has arrived as the Metropolitan police force has just announced that it has no further infrastructure to sell and soon it will not have the necessary funds avaialbale to continue with their mission of keeping the streets of London safe !! This news coming at what could only be described as a bad time as violent crime in the British Capital hits news highs, with more crime now occuring in London than even New York due to the new and " diverse" populations that have arrived in the capital city over the past decade !

Strange indeed as at the same time that the force is clearly showing serious signs of government underfunding they have created an "all new" 900 strong "thought-police" which busy themselves scouring the net and social media web sites looking for offensive tweets and hate speech 1 This really does seem pretty insane to see real policing on real violence go unchecked while the small amount of money remaining to the Metropolitan police force is handed over to Orwellian policing of the internet ! How seriously can this be happening right now ?? Your guess really is as good as mine on that one I am very much afraid !

But somehow I feel that the new London Mayor Sadiq Khan should be asked some pretty serious questions on how indeed all this has happened on his watch ?? But i wont hold my breath for this to happen !!

UK: London Police “run out of things to sell” | Jack Buckby

Rebel Media
Published on 4 Sep 2018

Jack Buckby of But is it all down to Sadiq Khan? Sure, he’s a terrible mayor, but does the government have a hand in this, too?


Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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