How Much More of this Insanity of Enforced Immigration can Europeans Take before They Take Things into Their Own Hands ?

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It goes from bad to worse to damn right ridiculous as this wave of Sub Saharan " Refugees " or more clearly Economic migrants permit themsleves to rape and kill with out consequence or punishment from anyone ! So when will the breaking point be reached ? When will European say Stop and start coming out physically against these invaders ? Will they ever ?? Or will they just sit back and carry on watching their televison which feeds them the lies which make them feel safe and listened to !

There were hopes in Sweden to see a change from this crazy Leftist Utopia that has turned to a nightmare with rape and pillage being the active words since the last two years since Merkel invited millions of people into Europe without even a warning or asking the people of her country whether they indeed agreed with her policy ! Infact Sweden once an incredibly safe and open minded society is not plagued by indiscriminate firebombing of cars in the steet with even now grenade attacks becoming common place. A recent story of an old man seeing one of these miltary grade weapons on the ground in a park on a Sunday morning, when he not knowing what it was tried to pick it up was blown to bits infront of his wife ! This is Sunday morning now in the new Sweden of the political Left nightmare of Refugees rights before that of Swedes !

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The problem is that all of this was planned.

Men of these former european countries have been cucked and soy-boyed. They are no longer men. They are door mats.

Then you bring in these men, who are used to fighting, fighting to stay alive, fighting to get ahead, fighting.

Add to this, the female dynamic of #NotYourWomen

So, basically what you are seeing is genocide in action.
This is population control on a global scale.
Planned and enacted over decades.


So in shot @builderofcastles for you were are well and truly fuked ?? damning comment really !! ( Its true our men seem to be more manly than alot of the men i am seeing in the street ! So I do need to invest in that flying saucer then ??


If you can get a good used flying saucer, so that you don't have to finance, than that is a way to go.

But, my normal advice is to get out of the cities.
There, inevitably, will be the night of long knives.
Then, play it by ear, depending on who won.


Good and reliable second hand flying saucers are very hard to come by round these parts @builderofcastles ! So I guess I shall just buy an AK47 and plently of ammunistion and like you sit it out on my little island !! Maybe a fishing rod and a ton of rice too )