Raging Earth

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Sharing some pictures of Taal Volcano in Tagaytay, Philippines which erupted last Sunday, January 12, 2020. The eruption spewed out ash, debris and lava from its crater.

Picture below shows Taal volcano spewing ash as far as almost 5 kilometers high.


Picture below shows Taal volcano before the eruption.


More pictrues of the eruption.

Smoke and debris from erupting volcano go beyond the clouds.


Lightning created from the chemical elements in the ashes reacting with the gases in the atmosphere.



Lava coming out of the volcano's crater about half a kilometer high.


Ashes and debris from the volcano caused a deluge of ashfall as far off as Metro Manila more than 40 miles away.


Street covered with volcanic ashes.


Houses covered with ashes.


Gray snowflakes? Ashes fall on car.


Ash covered driveway in Laguna, 75 kilometers away from Taal volcano.


The above pictures just show how helpless we are in the face of natural calamaties such as this one. Although Taal volcano is classified as an active volcano, its last eruption was in 1971 or a hiatus of almost 50 years. Some are speculating that this eruption along with all the other volcanos erupting worldwide are ultimately a consequence of global warming and climate change. Whether there is any truth to this let us do our part in trying to help with this global problem. Even the littlest of things such as avoiding the use of plastic straws or bags can go a long way in saving our planet. Let us give Mother Earth a hand. Who knows? It may calm her down and stop her raging.

For all those who would like to donate to the evacuees affected by the eruption please click on the link here.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and may you stay safe and sound wherever you may be.

(Note: None of the photos above are mine. I have attached the link for each of the pictures posted for the appropriate credits.)


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