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Mark Starr, nominated for a Hollywood star and twice Oscar awards, revealed last week that he wakes up at 2 o'clock in the night. While you are asleep, Wallberg is working in the gym at that time. They spend 90 minutes in the gym. Then play golf and pray. Wallberg goes to sleep at 7:30 in the evening. Wolberg is not alone in those who woke up early. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, rises at four o'clock in the morning.
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Disney's boss Bob Eiger starts workouts at 4:00 and 25 minutes in the morning. NBA players in America also arrive in the gym very early in the morning. One thing that appears in the profile of successful people of the corporate world is that if you want to be successful then get up early. Should we all wake up early? Will this help us to do more work? Maybe it might happen, but it may also cost the cost.

How soon wake up
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Starting the day at 2 o'clock in the night means a very long day and almost no rest. But seeing Wallberg's sleeping time, he seems to sleep for seven hours every day. This is necessary for working. If you get a sense of sleep, health gets worsened. The mind does not move rightly. Christopher Barnes of Washington University and Gretchen Spitzer of Michigan University conducted extensive research on this topic.

The question in front of them was whether the companies should ensure that their employees sleep all. Going into the bedroom at 7:30 in the evening means you are not able to have dinner with the family and are not able to participate in social activities with friends.

Chakwa and owl

The human being's time to sleep and wake up is controlled by the internal clock of his body. The body automatically signals when it is time to sleep and when to awaken. Many people become so used to sleeping on time and at the appointed time that their body becomes a victim of a catastrophic accident when going to different time zones. Based on the time of sleep and wake, researchers divide people roughly into two groups. Those who are quick to wake up and sleeping sooner are called like Chakva (birds). Late sleeping and late people are termed as owls. Barnes says that almost all people are like Chakwa in childhood. They wake up fast and fall asleep quickly. As soon as the youth comes, the person starts to feel like a owl. He sleeps late and wants to wake up late.

In old age, people start to wake up quickly and sleep fast. Barnes believes that like Marc Wallberg, the person who wakes up at 2.30 in the morning is rare. "Psychologically and practically, you feel best when sleeping and waking according to the internal clock of your body." Those who ignore the internal clock of the body and inspire others to do so, are motivated by some other goal.


Why do people who wake up quickly complain about this thing? By doing this, they want to show that they do more work. It is assumed in the cultures of many countries including India that the people who woke up sooner are better. There was a study of 120 adults in 2014, which found that those who started working late in the day got a bad rating from the supervisor. Supervisor did not consider him as a dutiful employee.
Interestingly, the supervisors who were late to themselves would have given less negative ratings. Barnes says, "People also count your work according to your schedule. If you start your work early in the morning you are liked." The question is, what do you want to achieve? Do you just want to impress people? If you can listen then listen to your body. Understand that when your body needs rest.

If you are getting up early in the morning to work more then evaluate your work. Ask yourself why you are getting up early in the morning - to work more or to impress someone? Whatever the reason, your health is most important. Barnes' research has shown that it is unethical to be overly preoccupied and to engage in body work. Barnes says, "If you are unable to work in your work, then you will make mistakes." Need to avoid this situation.


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