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RE: Conclusive Evidence: Facebook Subcontracts Censorship Measures Out To FireEye Intelligence/Hedge Fund Operatives And Atlantic Council

in #news3 years ago

I wonder why anyone is still using Facebook.


because everyone else is still there?
And nobody want's to abandon their shitposts?

I thought most people quit using it when their parent's joined. After you have seen which girls from high school got fat and reconnected with those people you wish to reconnect with what else is left to do on facebook, look at your narcissistic friends breakfasts and hiking trips?

gaslighting junkies, they can't live without the abuse....

if they like working for Zuckerberg for free then that's on them

if they disrespect our privacy because their ego needs a selfie of them with us in the background without asking permission. That's over their head... :-)

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