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It has been reported recently that the US government are looking to replace troops currently deployed in Syria with an 'Arab Force' made up of private military contractors backed by the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. According to the Wall Street Journal, Erik Prince, founder of the private security firm Blackwater, was informally contacted by Arab officials about the prospect of building an Arab force in Syria.

U.S. Seeks Arab Force and Funding for Syria | WSJ - 04/16/2018

The mission of the regional force would be to work with the local Kurdish and Arab fighters the U.S. has been supporting to ensure Islamic State cannot make a comeback and preclude Iranian-backed forces from moving into former Islamic State territory, U.S. officials say. The idea also has caught the attention of Erik Prince, the private businessman who founded Blackwater USA and who has helped the U.A.E. and Somalia set up private security forces. President Donald Trump said the recent suspected chemical attack in Syria was the crime of a “monster” and the strikes aim to deter the production and use of chemical weapons. Mr. Prince said Monday that he has been informally contacted by Arab officials about the prospect of building a force in Syria but that he was waiting to see what Mr. Trump would do.

Blackwater has been under a lot of scrutiny over the years. The company first gained public attention in 2007 after it was banned from Iraq for a shooting that left 8 Iraqis dead. This eventually lead to the conviction of 3 of their employees in 2014.

The group also appear in the hacked emails of the private intelligence contractor Stratfor, hosted by Wikileaks. The emails reveal, among other things, how Blackwater were instrumental in overthrowing the then Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. Shortly after the Stratfor emails were published Blackwater re-branded calling itself Academi. Another report from around the same time linked fighting in Syria to Mossad, CIA and Blackwater.

Mossad, CIA and Blackwater operate in Syria - report | RT - 04/07/2012

A security operation in Homs reveals Mossad, CIA and Blackwater are involved in the military violence in this part of Syria, as over 700 Arab and Western gunmen and Israeli, American and European-made weapons were detained in Baba Amr district.


In 2014 Academi (formerly Blackwater) and a handful of other high-threat private security and intel companies merged with Constellis. Constellis combines "best-in-class brands, assets and people within the complex risk management industry" making it the "most diverse provider of risk management services".


The family of companies that make up Constellis are:

  • ACADEMI (Formally Blackwater)
  • International Development Solutions
  • Triple Canopy
  • Centerra
  • AMK9
  • Edinburgh International
  • Strategic Social
  • National Strategic Protective Services
  • Olive Group (Founder of the White Helmets)



Harry Legge-Burke, an ex-Special Forces Officer from a long line of British nobility, formed the Olive Group in 2001. In 2005 former high-ranking Coldstream Guard officer and White Helmets founder, James Le Mesurier, joined the group as Vice President. By 2008 he had quit the position to join Good Harbor. Good harbor is owned by Richard A. Clarke, Bushs counter-terrorism czar at the time 9/11 took place.

The Olive Group eventually merged with Constellis in 2015. Although James Le Mesurier only worked at the Olive Group for 3 years it would be naive to assume he isn't still involved with the group or any of its subsidiaries in one way or another.


James Le Mesurier: The Former British Mercenary Who Founded The White Helmets | Mint Press News - 07/31/2017

Over the past two years, enlightening information has been revealed that thoroughly and unequivocally debunks the “humanitarianism” of the White Helmets in Syria, sometimes referred to as the Syrian Civil Defense.

Since they were founded in 2013, much of Western media has sought to elevate the White Helmets as the “bravest” and most heroic of Syrians. They have been the subject of a Netflix documentary, which won an Oscar, and has consistently been plastered across TV screens in surprisingly well-produced videos showing them removing children from rubble in war-torn areas claimed by Syria’s “rebels.”

Still unable to fully get support for military involvement on the ground, and after years of unsuccessfully trying to other-throw Assad by funding opposition forces, the west now want to use private military contractors like Blackwater to remove Assad from power. It's concerning to think that if this plan goes ahead then there will be western-backed security forces on the ground supporting western-backed humanitarian groups like the White Helmets. This is yet another example of a western-backed coup disguised has humanitarian support.



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Sounds like a great idea, I mean what could go wrong? 😂😂
Geez mate, how could anyone think this is a good idea especially when you consider the US are there illegally. They want to replace their trespassing troops with trespassing mercs, what a joke.


They want to replace their trespassing troops with trespassing mercs, what a joke.

couldn't put it better myself. Complete joke. It would be a funny joke if it wasn't so damn scary.

Just an interesting side note: Erik Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVos, Trump's Education Secretary.


ah yes. Thanks. Can always rely on you for a connection or 2. :)

War yields highest profits. MSM only needs to sell it to the public.


So true my friend. So true. The military and media industrial complexes are working overtime to earn their buck.


Oil, gas, influence and power. In their eagerness they maybe provoke WW III and the people should believe it was Russia and China.

Very interesting thanks for sharing, I will need to look more into this. As with everything we need to dig deeper and try to see more into whats really going on and if there is more to this story that we do not know yet. If the mainstream WSJ is reporting this, than its for a specific reason. Hopefully there is some 4th dimensional chess going on!


Hey, thanks. Yes, there is a lot more going on than the msm lead us to believe. Its been going on for years but only now, thanks to the internet, people are starting to understand what is really going on.


Yes definitely, I think a lot of these false flags even a few years ago would have happened with out too much backlash. But now the masses are seeing through this BS and not taking it and not standing for it.

Whats sad is that this deep state keeps doing almost the same style/type of false flag every time, they either think that we are all really stupid or just don't care anymore. Either way all this will come to an end very soon I have a feeling.

Great research there. See that is what the internet should be used for - to find out information like this. I will be looking into this more myself but thanks for the summary.


Thank you. Yes the internet has really changed the way people learn and think about things. There is so much data out there now that it can sometimes be hard to know where to start looking. But once you scratch the surface, you'll never stop researching.

Here's my recent post, I think you'll find that one interesting too.

Thanks again


Yes the internet is good in a way, remember it was invented by the military so mindful of that. I agree with you we can use it in positive ways depending on how we use it. The rabbit holes are all there to fall into but I think you are using it well. Supporting with factual research and relevant. Not defending crazy rabbit holes like for example: the flat earth bs. hehe.

I have followed you since I came across this article on Blackwater and look forward to your posts.

Wouldn't surprise me if some day it's revealed the Saudis promised to compensate all US military involvement in Syria--they offered as much, according to Kerry. In which case, out troops would end up being unknowing mercenaries for a free-speech-suppressing Arab monarchy.


Oh yes. The Saudis are behind a lot of the problems that have happened in the middle east over the last 2 decades. The west just suck up to them because they want their oil.

First, let me just say it's always a pleasure to see a fresh piece by @fortified, so welcome back.

The second thing I wanted to comment on is the fact that is Blackwater (or whatever these mercenaries want to call themselves this week) is weighing creating an new Arab force in Syria then will they be joining the white helmets, Al Nustra and ISIS? Or will they be a stand alone force?
Whatever the answer is, seems like another Saudi funded militia/mercenary army in the region is the last thing Syrians need.


Thank pal. It always takes a bit of time to get back into the swing of things.

Well, I think they'll only be deployed if/when Trump decides to move US troops out of Syria. This simply means the west will be able to continue to try and overthrow Assad, but without any oversight from the usual government bodies.

Its crazy that governments try to make us believe that more war is needed in order to stop war.

There are no words to express how utterly insane all this is. Watching the vid made me feel a little sick to my stomach.


They are vile creatures making money from war.

Hessians now wear barn jackets, I guess.

Gross stuff. Thanks for sharing.


This is because Erik Prince, brother of Betsy Devos and Donald Trump back channeler, is going to make a lot of money and it's always about money and power.