Should Hebephilia Be Reclassified As A Psychiatric Disorder? [Part 2]

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[Please Read Part 1 Of This Article Before Reading The Segment Below] 

E.  Reclassifying Hebephilia As A Psychiatric Disorder Would Pose The Greatest Danger To Adult Women

Listen up, ladies. You need to pay attention to everything I am about to tell you, especially if you are an attractive-looking millennial. Many of you are likely reading my Steemit article here and wanting to ask me, “What does any of this have to do with me? I am 22 years old, and I only take an interest in older men. Therefore, what do I care whether all the top-gun shrinks decide to start branding everyone who makes googly eyes at middle school kids as certifiable head cases?” Fact has it that you will be in greater danger than you could ever be if the American Psychiatric Association (A.P.A.) decides to reclassify hebephilia as a psychiatric disorder.

One night not too long ago, I was walking to a cul-de-sac in my community to get a car of mine that I had parked there where parallel parking was permitted. It wasn’t very late, but the sun had already set and the less desirable pedestrians were beginning to come out of the woodwork. Once I got to my car, I noticed that just about all the other cars were perpendicularly parked to the curb of the cul-de-sac rather than parked in a parallel manner. I was extremely annoyed once I realized that the car parked in front of me in that manner and the one parked behind me in that same manner both did not leave me with very much space for me to pull my car out onto the road so that I could drive my car back to my residence. I was so angry as I was trying to ease my way out from between those same two cars that I was mumbling under my breath.

Much to the least of my expectations, a group of teenagers came walking out of nowhere. Most of them were boys, and they were very big and tall ones, I should say. They looked at me with smart aleck facial expressions in a way that indicated that they were amused from all the difficulty that I was experiencing in getting my car out from between the two cars that were obstructing me from doing so immediately. Then they had the audacity to walk in front of my car right when I had finally gotten my car out from between the two cars. I was so furious that I felt like stepping on the accelerator and sending them flying into the air. I could not tell how old each of them were, but it was quite obvious that some of them, if not all of them, were minors; and they could all have very well been as young as 15 or 14 or even 13 years old. At the same time, I just wanted to get out of there and not deal with these idiots ever again. Therefore, I passed up my opportunity to honk at them and yell out the window at them to tell them that they belonged on the sidewalk rather than on the street in front of my car. Moreover, any of them could have been carrying a weapon, even a concealed firearm. I don’t live in a bad area of town, but there have been incidents involving juveniles committing acts of violence against adult victims in my community.

Nevertheless, as I look back on that incident, a thought occurred to me. What if it had been an attractive 22-year-old woman sitting in the driver’s seat of my car instead of me when that incident took place? I noticed that there might have been only one or perhaps two girls with this group of hooligans. However, if these punks had lashed out violently, these girls would not have done anything to stop them. Also, if they wanted to get to that 22-year-old woman, all that one of them would have had to have done was grab a large rock and throw it through one of the windows of my car so that they could get one of the car doors open. There was a baseball field nearby. Therefore, they then could have grabbed this young adult woman from the car and hauled her off to it to gang-rape her. They would have had her outnumbered, and she would have been no match for all of them at once. If I had gotten hostile with them for walking in front of my car and had honked them, perhaps the most they would have done in lashing back at me was beat me up and rob me. However, a young woman in her early twenties would have been much less safe than me and would have faced much more tragic consequences than me in the event that these hooligans decided to gang up on her in an act of violence.

I used to live in New York City, and I heard stories like these all the time. As a matter of fact, shortly before I moved to New York City, I read an article in a magazine about a 14-year-old boy who had brutally raped and murdered a 21-year-old Jamaican woman on a New York subway late at night. During the whole four years that I lived in New York City including the time that I was working on the night shift during the last three of those four years, people were always warning me about gangs of teenage boys overtaking me and showing me no mercy in their acts of violence. My apartment being burglarized at least two different times was traumatizing enough for me. Some of the belongings of mine that were stolen were of sentimental value and irreplaceable. After I left New York City for good and moved out to the West Coast, I never looked back.

It was only a decade ago that a group of adolescent boys between 14 and 16 years old forced their way into a residence in West Palm Beach, Florida and forced a grown woman at gunpoint to perform fellatio on her own 12-year-old son. Then these lowlifes all three raped her and assaulted her son. An article describing this event can still be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are still people in our society who live so deeply inside their own white picket fence fantasy world that they refuse to believe stories like these whenever they come out in the press or in the media.

It was only back in 2013 that a 14-year-old Massachusetts boy named Philip Chism committed a violent rape upon a 24-year-old female schoolteacher, and then he murdered her. Interestingly enough, this story barely made the news in the press and in the media. Somehow American society just doesn’t find such a story as interesting as one about a 24-year-old female schoolteacher becoming pregnant with a 14-year-old male student’s baby as a result of an illicit affair.

As I described in Part G of my previous Steemit article titled “The Great American Controversy Over Underage Marriage,” when I was living in Los Angeles back in the 1990s, there was a report on the evening local news regarding a 46-year-old female schoolteacher who had attended a celebration that her school was throwing on for a group of schoolteachers and students. Unbeknownst to her, a 17-year-old boy had slipped some kind of drug into her punch, and she subsequently blacked out. After she woke up, she was stark naked and that same 17-year-old boy was on top of her; and he was also naked. She then realized that he had sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious. The poor woman immediately reported the incident to the authorities. However, the authorities and the Assistant District Attorney turned against her like betraying angels, and they wrongfully charged her with statutory rape after the 17-year-old boy lied to them and misled them to believe that she had seduced him. The Assistant District Attorney was a shyster, and he would talk about the 17-year-old boy on television as though this young man were a 7-year-old kid whom a pedophile had abducted from a school playground and had violated in every manner.

The major injustice here was that this woman was being charged with a sex crime, even though she was the victim and she was the one who was raped. Luckily, the truth prevailed and this 46-year-old woman was acquitted of the criminal charges. I do not believe that the 17-year-old boy was ever charged with rape. However, this whole ordeal that unfolded in the local media forever destroyed my faith in the professional integrity of our criminal justice system. Then again, this incident took place not too long after the Rodney King beating. The Los Angeles Police Department had built a bad reputation for themselves right up to the time that the Christopher Commission was created to oversee their work-related activities.

If Dr. Raymond Blanchard is ever successful at getting the American Psychiatric Association (A.P.A.) to reclassify hebephilia as a psychiatric disorder, female adult rape victims whose assailants are minors could be subjected to even greater indignities than they currently face from the criminal justice system. Nowadays whenever an adult woman is raped and she reports the crime to the police, police detectives immediately ask her questions and then take her to the hospital for a rape kit to be performed upon her so that they can gather forensic evidence against her assailant. Now let’s just pretend that Dr. Blanchard got his way concerning his objective to reclassify hebephilia as a paraphilia and a psychiatric disorder and the DSM-5 currently had it listed as such. Also, let’s say that a group of adolescent boys 13 to 15 years old rape an attractive 24-year-old woman. Once the police detectives have her at the hospital after she has reported the crime and the doctor there is examining her for forensic evidence, one of the questions he or she may ask her would be, “Did you have an orgasm during the rape?” I know what some of you may be thinking. However, such an intrusive question does get asked during the performance of a rape kit on a victim, because it is considered to be forensic evidence that the rape did occur despite how disgusting it may sound.

If an inclusion were to have been made in the DSM-5 for an adverse diagnosis of “pedohebephilia” back in 2013, there exists a possibility that such a female adult rape victim could be branded for life because of a sexually violent crime against her. In other words, if the examining doctor and the police detectives were to hear from that female adult rape victim that she did, in fact, experience an orgasm when a group of boys under 16 years of age gang-raped her, she could be labeled as a “pedohebephile” on either the medical report or the police report or on both of them for life. Although she wasn’t the one who committed the crime, the fact alone that this information is getting into a medical report and a police report defining her as someone with a psychiatric disorder of sexual deviance or rather a paraphilia could very well cause serious problems for her in the future.

Now, I understand that many of you adult women out there are probably saying that because you are not sexually attracted to adolescent boys as young as 13 or 14 years old, then there is no possibility that such a miscarriage of justice could ever happen to you. However, reality has it that whenever a woman is forcibly and violently raped, her body can and does act in ways that she does not intend or expect regardless of how young or old her attacker is. It is not to say that if you are a woman and you experience an orgasm during a rape, you are at fault for being raped. I am not trying to convey that belief at all, and anyone who believes in such nonsense is completely ignorant and devoid of any conscience. Anyhow, here is a YouTube video that explains about how a rape victim can experience an unwanted orgasm during a forcible rape.  Please note that after you click on the video icon below, you will get a snowy screen and a message will instruct you to click on “Watch this video on YouTube” at the center of the snowy screen.  Do not be alarmed.  Once you click on “Watch this video on YouTube,” you will be redirected directly to that same video on YouTube.

Also, the tragedy that ensues from male minors raping an adult woman may not end there, and it only gets worse. If the adult woman’s assailants falsely accuse her of seducing them and press criminal charges of statutory rape against her, there is always a possibility that the authorities will believe those young boys’ word over hers by some unusual twist of fate. If the authorities then indict her on those same false charges against her, there is always a chance that she may be wrongfully convicted of such a crime despite that she was the victim who was sexually assaulted. In that event, she will likely be subjected to the humiliation and degradation of being wrongfully branded as a sexual predator and experience the frustration of being unable to convince others that she is not a child molester, because, by that point in time, both the mental health profession and the criminal justice system will have forced her to live with the shame of being diagnosed as someone with a paraphilia that makes her a danger to children despite that she really isn’t one.   

This same adult woman would likely have to register as a sex offender, even though she isn’t one and she was the one who was sexually victimized. Then she would likely not be able to live or even go near anywhere where kids congregate. Her being diagnosed as a “pedohebephile” would only compound her misery and suffering as a result of a heinous crime that was committed against her. And believe me, such a miscarriage of justice would be much worse than anyone being stuck with a major blemish on their consumer credit reports with all three consumer credit bureaus for ten long years. This adult woman could even become homeless and become a high risk for suicide, just to name a few problems that would ensue for her.

These facts that I have presented to you are why we as Americans should never place a blind faith in whatever self-serving, self-styled opportunists in the mental health profession like Dr. Blanchard and Dr. Cantor feed the public regarding sensitive matters such as human sexuality and sexual deviance. Dr. Blanchard doesn’t care whether adult women could be wrongfully labeled and clinically defined as sexual deviants if underage boys as young as 13 or 14 years old sexually assault them. He lives in Canada, and in that country, people don’t have to worry about the kind of juvenile-related crime and violence that we Americans confront every day on the streets of major cities throughout our nation inasmuch as Canada has a significantly lower crime rate than the United States of America. His whole career revolves around the Almighty Dollar in that he seeks to profit off other people’s pain and suffering.  As I must reinforce again in this Steemit article of mine, he has nobody’s best interests at heart except for his own. Dr. Cantor is not much different than him in this same regard, and he also lives in Canada.

F.  My Conclusion To This Topic

Hebephilia is not to be equated to pedophilia or spliced with it as an adverse clinical diagnosis in any way, shape or form. The public at large should be leery of Dr. Blanchard’s efforts to masquerade his objective to expand the definition of pedophilia to include hebephilia in it in the form of “pedohebephilia” as a sustained mission on his part to ensure the safety of children and protect them from sexual deviants. He is not concerned about the children of our nation. His intentions in this regard are going to be more harmful than beneficial to everyone if he is ultimately able to achieve them. If he is able to do so, our nation will move closer and closer to becoming a Fascist totalitarian police state similar to that depicted in the 1971 science-fiction film titled THX 1138 starring Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasance.

In conclusion, hebephilia should never ever be reclassified as a psychiatric disorder in any future editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that the American Psychiatric Association (A.P.A.) adopts and publishes. Hebephilia is an inclination in adults that is usually finite in nature, and it is normative behavior. The American Psychiatric Association (A.P.A.) should maintain the status quo in this same regard upon deciding the fate of future editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that they adopt and publish. If anything, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) should revamp the definition of pedophilia in their periodic publication of the International Classification of Diseases to remove pubescent youngsters as objects of pedophilia in order to prevent confusion among medical experts and protect hebephiles from being wrongfully bundled together with pedophiles in defining paraphilias and sexual orientations.

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