How Agri-Business Games Reddit

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Paid astroturfers employed by agri-business corporations game any post about agricultural topics. This is from a post by Reddit user ragecry, found here:

The usual suspects - Scuderia, Sleekery, adamwho, Decapentaplegia, dtiftw, wherearemyfeet, throwawayingtonville, JF_Queeny, erath_droid and ribbitcoin.

You'll find them on reddit 24/7 trying to push their pro-GMO propaganda and defending anything related to Monsanto.

Let's play a many times does "monsanto" appear in their comment history?

More strange activities and behavior:

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Fun facts / pro tips:

  • Their arguments will always be pro-GMO and pro-Monsanto. There is no middle ground.
  • They love Jon Entine and the Genetic Lunacy Project.
  • Anywhere from 2-4 of them will participate in GMO/Monsanto related threads at the same time, across many subreddits. They are quick to be first comment on new threads and "poison the well" (example).
  • Much of the info/studies they post can be discredited by newer or more independent studies if you look for them.
  • They will divert any conversation about Roundup into a conversation about glyphosate, because Roundup carries more stigma, such as Roundup pesticides being linked to Roundup Ready crop purchases, etc.
  • They aren't afraid to manipulate politics for their pro-GMO agenda. You'll find them trying to discredit Bernie Sanders (who supports GMO labeling), while cheering for the opposing candidate such as Hilary Clinton. Not that I'm here for politics, this is just another one of their games.
  • They use the #1 Rule of Web Disruption frequently - that is - creating a partisan divide between people to get them fighting against themselves. For example, labeling people anti-GMO, anti-Vaxxer, climate change deniers, they have used these terms frequently to create a two-sided argument instead of focusing on finer issues.

Pro-er tips:

  • I save my comment history, inbox history, etc. saved automatically. Banning me or deleting my account will do absolutely nothing to suppress this.


  • I'm permabanned by luster from /r/PoliticalDiscussion for calling dtiftw an idiot and calling out Sleekery as another puppet.
  • I'm shadowbanned by ??? from /r/TopMindsOfReddit. They get wrecked there when I show up anyway, it's for the best. <3
  • I was reported by Sleekery at /r/worldnews for calling him out again. The mod gave me a warning and retracted it when I promised to keep it civil. Hattip to FirstPotato

Deeper analysis, major speculation and allegation section (you've been warned!!):

  • As others have pointed out, the vast majority of their posts/comments happen during US business hours. If I had to be specific, Eastern time. Speculation - "JF_Queeny" is the name of Monsanto's founder John Francis Queeny and also the name of their headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri, which is (surprise surprise!) near the East coast.
  • These trolls continually annoy and irritate redditors to the point of frustration and they seem to get reported frequently. They even have a subreddit devoted to bragging about this and finding ways to harass people, brigade, etc. They are overly willing to suggest to those who they annoy that they should contact the admins about it. Why??? What mod would taunt a user to the point of submission and be so sure in having someone report their dickhead behavior to the admins? Seems a bit narcissistic and suspicious.
  • Somewhere in this madness, there is a business model supported by REDACTED.
  • Check the comments and reports by other redditors here, and my comment history for much, much more. Doge much more. They tried very hard to censor/ban me with down votes, but they've been outmaneuvered.

Mandatory post-traumatic viewing material.

GMO links, info and counterarguments (stuff they don't want you to see!):

EDIT: /r/GMOMyths is now actively gloating over this drama: (1) (2).

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