Morgan Stanley To Offer Clients "Synthetic Exposure" To Crypto Currencies

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Well, the party seems to just get bigger and bigger every day on Wall Street.

After a few prominent names announcing crypto-related products or ventures last weeks, it's Morgan Stanley group's turn to announce a product for crypto trading, using price swaps. According to Investopedia: "A price swap derivative is a derivative transaction where one entity guarantees a fixed value for the total asset holdings of another entity over a specified period.".

Here's the most important part from this Business Insider announcement.

The New York financial-services firm is reportedly planning to offer bitcoin swaps, which would give investors exposure to the performance of the digital currency without having to buy it, according to the report. The product is ready to go-live, but the firm is waiting for the right amount of demand from institutional clients.

I don't dig into conspiracy theories but seeing the last 5-6 months of bear market, seeing the current price of crypto assets (80% down from the ATH in December last year) and seeing all these announcements from big Wall Street whales getting so friendly with crypto trading stuff, I can't stop myself thinking that there is a reason for everything, you know.

Just 5-6 months ago they were all so actively bashing cryptos, but now they suddenly seem to just have all their shit together for, you know, start trading crypto. If you so like.

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Amm so that why the market is jumping

It does seem like it could be time for a rally soon.

Market manipulators

This is good news for the crypto market an Bitcoin in particular because it shows that more wall Street investors are now going to shift their investment portfolio into the crypto market which will leads to a surge in the price of Bitcoin and it also proves the general acceptance of crypto and blockchain

I avoid conspiracy theories generally but if that's what it takes to turn this market then I'm ok with this one :)

It's either a booby trap by the big brother to buy bitcoin and amass a large percentage of it to themselves, there by controlling and flunctauting the market as they like


The time has come for the whole world to come to the full knowledge of cryptocurency.

until we reach much bigger market caps the temptation to manipulate the prices will be there for all these ass monkeys

If you're right about Wall Street conspiring to lower the price of crypto I'm not sure whether to thank them or be angry. It might just have given me the chance to make a pretty penny on the market.

And of course they want to start with more bullshit money in the form of derivatives. No 21million BTC cap when you can have 21trillion “coins” through derivatives.

Posted using Partiko iOS do have a point...
Huge Institutional Investors can be manipulative...

It's almost like they were late to the party, but wanted to look like geniuses who could get great returns on crypto as well, so they decided to bash crypto relentlessly for months on end to drive the prices down. Now that the prices are down, they're happy to open their doors to offer crypto investment services.

Nah, that couldn't be it. That would be wrong!

I think they are all stuffed up with cryptos they bought cheap and ready to play the game

What a post you have very good knowledge friend. Keep in touch

So well posted. I would say a lot of great.

Good post and great information ...
Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

What if steem would become one of the major asset/coin for the cryptonian World and bitshares would become its shares, so people would invest like in a big World company to substitute the dollar? Just a thought. On the other hand, this was the expected moment, when wall street would enter the game ... even if untill now they point the finger on this cryptonian new era as being something without sustainability ... we'll be witness to something crazy very soon. Regards @dragosroua