Lawsuit Launched Against City Over Unconstitutional Curfews

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Just yesterday the ACLU announced that they were going to be launching a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, along with others, over the curfews which they assert are draconian violations of what should be considered First Amendment rights.

In response to the destruction around the nation we have seen curfews announced in one place or another, but they argue that the state officials have been using these curfews not just to respond to riots, but they are also using the curfews as an effort to silence the people and to squash public protests.

People have been attacked by police in recent days under that curfew authority who had been on their own property and looking out of their front door or window at what was happening on the streets. That isn't the sort of tyranny you would expect to find in the United States.

That lawsuit will be looking to determine whether or not those curfews are legal or another government overreach.

Not only has the lawsuit been launched but they've also asked for the restrictions on movement to be lifted as well; the curfew to be rescinded.

So far the city and the county have both been named in the lawsuit. Who knows what other lawsuits might be launched around the country.

There might have been similar legal challenges launched not that along ago as well, with many upset over the unconstitutional curfews that were imposed over the coronvirus situation just the same.

Those behind the lawsuit argue that these curfew restrictions are unconstitutional and that they've been used to suppress important political activity for millions, they want them over now. But some authority figures have suggested that those curfews will not come to an end until the protests do; failing to make the distinction of whether or not curfews should be used in response to any peaceful protest.


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