Bars Now Reopening Around Oregon

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A number of different bars and breweries in Oregon can now reopen but there are going to be a few changes one can expect to experience for a little while yet.

Things to expect include:

  • reduced capacity
  • face masks
  • reduced hours
  • contact tracing (venues keeping data on your e-mail or phone number).

These restrictions on business might still keep many people at home until things return more to normal where they won't be separated by barriers, require face masks, and need to stay under 50 percent occupancy for restaurants or bars etc.

These restrictions are still in many ways going to limit the success that businesses are going to see.

These are businesses that are struggling for months now and they cannot maintain that struggle indefinitely, at some point they need more freedom to try and come back from this. These limitations are a barrier that remains in their way, while on their way to recovering.

Bars Must Close By 10pm

Many bars often make the majority of their money during the late hours. Often between midnight and early morning hours they might see a great deal of business. But now that is going to change and they could still be struggling to make enough to survive.

They will be required to issue their last call for drink orders a little earlier than usual. And that is going to take money out of the hands of the people who need it most, those workers who are struggling to get by, working in those venues.

The bars being reopened come as a part of the phase 1 reopening plans for the state.

In some jurisdictions, alcohol delivery has also been working out so well that legislators might make the move to make that change a permanent one so that people can continue to order their drinks with food right to their home.

Aside from those other changes mentioned above, you also might not see any bar seating for some time at your local pub.

Tables are likely going to be stationed at least 6 feet apart as well, along with that limited seating. The bars might have reopened but in many ways they are still under arguably harmful and unnecessary restrictions and who knows how long they might last for.


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