The most evilest evil companies of the moment (newsarticle from Slate)

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the short version : if you're not in it , then you're not making real money ... so that's ... im afraid the americans hold the biggest chunk

no im not anti- im just anti a part of it and what that represents, mostly the part the followers-politicians overhere who like to play big people (like 100.000 dollar whales on steemit like to play whale and stuff ...)

but actually the list doesnt surprise me one bit

so .. steemit need a few more billion before they get there but with the cahoots and collusion

o right, no comment .. o well ... i think they'd have a shot :)

i am positive ... (as in absolutely certain) i'm a very positive person ... i'm positive about that ...

then why are you still here ?

cuz, why not ?

they told me "its MY blockchain ...." ??!?


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surpassinggoogle, ... you're the ulog guy hm ? didnt know that was you, sure , ofcourse, keep an eye on the game then ...

you never know it might actually become something one day :D